New Story: Riverside Avondale–Spaz House

IMG_7532 - Copy

Welcome to “Spazhouse” in Riverside, to the brilliant oddities of Roxanne Henkle, to a Venus de Milo worthy of Dadaism, to the sage advice of “the Pragmatic Villain,” to reminiscences of “the Hair Man,” to the


H.P. Lovecraft, circa 1930, courtesy The H.P. Lovecraft Archive,

psychogeographical mapping of the New York walks of horror/fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft.

New Story: Car-Ma-Geddon, Heckscher Drive

Car Fire 1973

A “60-foot hill” of cars explodes into the North Jacksonville sky…


New Story: Cecil Field, Ghost Signs in the Woods, Lost Warnings of Poison

Cecil 6

Don’t swim with the alligators. Avoid all contact with the soil. Avoid contact with water. Unless invited, stay away. Show your papers. You are not forgotten. This place is not what you think you see.

Cecil 17

photograph by Wanda Glennon Canaday

Naval Air Station Cecil Field: Ghost Signs and Poison

New Story: The Klutho House

It’s the house Jacksonville’s greatest historic architect built for himself in 1908. It’s where he died poor and forgotten upstairs, 91 years old, in 1964. So no wonder Jefree Shalev and Carolyn Brass still feel Henry John Klutho here. They’re keeping him alive.

Klutho House 13

photo courtesy Jefree Shalev and Carolyn Brass

New Story: MOCA Jacksonville and Hemming Plaza and Clay Yarborough

When Clay Yarborough attacked art in Jacksonville, this town stood up to show him he has no idea whom he supposedly represents.

Palmer and Cordelia_Palmer


New Story: Pumpkin Hill: Verse Versus at Five Acre Spread

Near Pumpkin Hill, Verse Versus at Five Acre Spread


Poets and whiskey and late-night bonfires. Driftwood sculpture and taxidermy suspended in trees. A poetry lounge in an old bus. And Junah and Elby and Oliver. And Keri and Stephanie and Lindsey and Alex. And beggar’s tick weed taking over sculptures. A seasonal gathering. An art farm.

New Story: Jax by Jax Literary Festival Fined for a Sign on a Pole


Jax by Jax event poster, designed by Liz Murphy Thomas

Jax by Jax is a literary festival at Park & King in the middle of Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida. Jax by Jax includes nine venues, 15 featured writers, almost 30 writers total, and three literary journals.

But someone taped a Jax by Jax poster to a light pole. And the city’s Municipal Code Compliance Division didn’t like it one bit.

Tim Gilmore’s new book, In Search of Eartha White

Eartha White lived in the Mission she founded on LaVilla’s West Ashley Street. She lived with the poor she helped, ate from the food she shared, and clothed herself from the donations she offered. Though she met with business leaders, mayors, governors, and presidents, she never separated herself from the poor it was her life’s purpose to help.

In Search of Eartha White, Storehouse for the People

ISoEW cover

Tim Gilmore’s book The Ocean Highway at Night

The Ocean Highway at Night is the story of Old A1A, a lost branch of a bypassed Florida highway, its communities of Summer Haven and Marineland, the world’s “first oceanarium,” the rock shelves of limestone coquina on the beaches, and the mysterious mayors of these coastal podunks.

OHN cover

New Story: Green Cove Port

Worn-out landscape.

Space Shuttle fuel tank. Arctic Discoverer, treasure hunter disappeared with tons of gold. Rusted dredges succumbing to the ground. Storm clouds.