New Story: Muslim Burials and Evergreen Cemetery


The grave of Isaiah Hart, founder of the city. A man who died in the year 5710. The graves of Confederate soldiers and the graves of former slaves whose children chiseled their epitaphs by hand. The man in the suit who disappeared into the tree. The only Jacksonville cemetery where Ali could be buried facing Mecca, wrapped in linen, without a casket.


New Story: MetaCusp—The Three-Legged Fox and Life “Between Deaths”

On the second floor of a 1941 warehouse by the railroad tracks in North Riverside, a series of three-legged foxes makes its way around an enormous steel


trap, while nearby three black dogs simultaneously leap in a circle beside a potted plant, a woman lying on the floor with her arms wrapped around herself, and a man with his shirt pulled over his face, head bowed, arms dangling before him.


This is MetaCusp, the art studios of Liz Gibson and Jeff Whipple.


New Story: Childhood Runaway Rules and the Expressway Mall

Mary Dumbleton was 10 years old when she “ran away” to the Expressway Mall on the Arlington Expressway Service Road.


“This station wagon full of my family just followed me through the parking lot, in slow motion, following me on my bike, and I was so mad.”

New Story: Dinsmore Dairy

Dinsmore Dairy went head-to-head against the Ku Klux Klan and White Citizens’ Councils in the late 1950s. The Klan burnt a cross on Dinsmore’s pasture. Earl infiltrated the Klan.

Photograph by Wanda Glennon Canaday

Photograph by Wanda Glennon Canaday

New Story: Riverside–the 56 Books of Frank Slaughter; Also, the Inn Where My Infant Daughter Fell out of Bed

The best-selling novelist of medical thrillers, Frank Slaughter, was a physician at Riverside Hospital, where my mother’s mother died. In the bed-and-breakfast beside his home, my infant daughter fell out of bed, unharmed, in the middle of the night.


New Story: The Drew Mansion, Springfield


After decades of sinking into the earth and collapsing within, the Horace Drew Mansion in Springfield is about to be restored. And its new owner will raise the whole house off the ground to do it.


New Story: Fans & Stoves at Five Points, Riverside Avondale


You know the place, don’t you? Fans & Stoves? The antique store at Five Points in Riverside? If you don’t, you know plenty of people who do. What deep residual element of the city can’t you find at Fans & Stoves that might say something about who you are, or whom you are to this city?

Eartha nametag

New Story: Black Creek, Eagles’ Nest


photograph by Wanda Glennon Canaday

This two-thousand-pound nest is one of the most significant pieces of architecture in the Jacksonville area.

New Story: Wesconnett, Dead End Transylvania


Leaving the funeral home, I’m pulled to the old hamlet of Wesconnett–freed slaves, the Negro Leagues, arson, tiny tin-roof houses with tin foil in the windows, and the way Fishing Creek curves around to the dead-end of Transylvania.


New Story: Riverside Avondale–Spaz House

IMG_7532 - Copy

Welcome to “Spazhouse” in Riverside, to the brilliant oddities of Roxanne Henkle, to a Venus de Milo worthy of Dadaism, to the sage advice of “the Pragmatic Villain,” to reminiscences of “the Hair Man,” to the


H.P. Lovecraft, circa 1930, courtesy The H.P. Lovecraft Archive,

psychogeographical mapping of the New York walks of horror/fantasy writer H.P. Lovecraft.