New Story: Riverside’s CoRK District, Part One–Olivier Flaire

Riverside Avondale: CoRK District, Part One–Olivier Flaire


About 70 artists have studios in the warehouses at CoRK, Corner of Rosselle and King, beside popular independent breweries in a Riverside industrial district that seems to have transformed itself over night. But almost 20 years ago, Olivier Flaire and Sarah Crooks Flaire started using the old Pepsi factory and bottling facility at Rosselle and King as art studios and antique warehousing. “CoRK District, Part One–Olivier Flaire” is the first of several stories I’ll be publishing about the district.

New Story: an excerpt from Tim Gilmore’s upcoming book about Eartha White

Eartha White has been compared to Mohandas Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Haile Selassie, Jane Addams, and Jesus Christ. Eartha White’s Bedroom tells the story of her best friend, Grayce Bateman, finding her dying in her bedroom on the second floor of the mission she named for her mother.

Eartha's room

Audio tapes at the University of North Florida contain interviews with Grayce Bateman, just after Eartha White’s death in 1974, telling the story of Eartha White’s last days. Eartha White’s Bedroom is excerpted from a draft of Tim Gilmore’s upcoming book In Search of Eartha White.

New Story: Playtime Drive-In Theater and Christ Church Anglican

What could seem stranger than a drive-in movie theater that becomes a church? Maybe a church where a drive-in theater showed pornographic films for 20 years. Oh, Southern Gothic!

Playtime Super 8__6

New Story: “Alley Between Bay and Forsyth (Between Nick Dunkenstein and the Newnan Street Sphinx)”

What do Nick Dunkenstein, Benedict Cumberbatch, Charles Baudelaire, and the Sphinx have in common?

Alley 2

This story:

Alley Between Bay and Forsyth (Between Nick Dunkenstein and the Newnan Street Sphinx)

Alley 5

New Story: Murray Hill Theater

What remains in an old theater when the movies and the music are over? Walk with me through the graffiti garden, the empty stage, the green room, up the stairs, and across the roof.



New Story: Green Cove Springs, Gustafson’s Farm

It began in 1908, closed up shop in 1913. The milking bails are still there. So are partial bottles of cattle antibiotics, maybe even some earthy remnant of the sweet and sour smell of a century of milk.

GF 2

2014 Douglas Anderson Writers’ Festival

I’ll be offering workshops and signing books at the 2014 Douglas Anderson Writers’ Festival this weekend.


My workshops are called “Place as Character: Speaking the Haunted Landscape.”

Here’s the workshop description from the festival website:

“When Peter Ackroyd wrote his mammoth book about his native city, he called it London: The Autobiography. Often writers think of place merely in terms of setting, but capturing the personality of place means bringing it to life as a character. Every place is haunted historically and psychologically. Getting in touch with that haunting allows you to know the place intimately, not only to bring it to life in your writing, but as Ackroyd’s title suggests, to allow the place to speak through you.”

Meet Eartha White

I’m following up my book on supposed Jacksonville serial killer Ottis Toole with a book on the woman who’s been called “Jacksonville’s Angel of Mercy” and “Jacksonville’s Mother Teresa.”

Eartha young

In Search of Eartha White: Storehouse for the People will be out in the fall of 2014.

My talk on the history of murder in Jacksonville is now on youtube.

My October 2013 Jacksonville Historical Society talk, Malice Aforethought: A Century of Murder in Jacksonville, is now uploaded on youtube.


New story: Abandoned Hovercraft, Abandoned Airstrip

Green Cover Springs: Lee Field Hovercraft Ruins