New Story: Trump Campaign Office

I knew I shouldn’t do it. I shouldn’t have done it. I did it. I walked into a Donald Trump campaign office today.

Trump Hitler

I asked Patsy Butts if she lives in this neighborhood and she said, “Hell no. I live at the beach.”

trump 16

Then Butts said, “I’m going to send them to jail and I’m going to sue them and I’m going to take every single thing they own and make myself even richer.”

New Story: Bullet Bob’s Grave

hayes 13

He was “the world’s fastest man.” I played flag-football for a K-12 religious school and observed the “six-inch rule.” He’s the only athlete to win both an Olympic gold medal and a Superbowl ring.

hayes 3

New Story: Babyland

babyland 1

There’s a place in Northwest Jacksonville called Babyland, because there’s no room for mourning in American cemeteries.

babyland 5

New Story: Revisiting Adorkaville

Laura Adorkor Kofi headquartered her pan-Africanist operations in Jacksonville.


After angering Marcus Garvey, she was assassinated, shot in the head, in the midst of preaching. Long after her death, the rural commune of Adorkaville carried her message forward, and even today, a tiny church on Old Kings Road proclaims her a saint in its official creed.


I first wrote about Mother Kofi in 2012. I wrote about her assassination and the establishment of Adorkaville in my book In Search of Eartha White, Storehouse for the People.

Just after Christmas, 2015, I returned to Adorkaville to investigate the presence of absence.

New Story: Friendship Fountain, Feeling Sentimental

Remembering a girl only I remember, 1991, wandering from “Vaudeville” at night to Friendship Fountain.

tintype 14

Nostalgia for youth I barely understood, a time when my daughters were small, and Space Age architecture before my birth.



New Story: Face from the 1600s atop the Riverplace Tower


In the top floor of the nearly-30-story 1967 tower, a wooden “Green Man” face from 1600s’ Rotterdam once shook up a young real estate superstar.


New Story: The Aquatic Gardens Flood & A Poet’s Response

Atlantic Beach: Aquatic Gardens


The rains on the night of November 8, 2015 flooded the Atlantic Beach neighborhood of Aquatic Gardens.

Tiffany Melanson

Says the poet Tiffany Melanson, who called Aquatic Gardens home,

“You know, I write about Florida as if it’s a living, breathing person so often. I shouldn’t be surprised she asserted herself as if she actually was one.”

New Story: CoRK



Corner of Rosselle and King



New Story: Evervess Art Studio

Waterspirit Rises

The Home of the Waterspirit!

New Story: First Grave, City’s Founder, a Tower, Desecrated, and Now?

The founder of the city built his family a funeral tower.

Hart Monument

The city desecrated it. The city burnt it. The city demolished it.

Shepherds' Cairn above Stone Grain Hope

Stand now where the tower once stood.

Imagine how the city radiates outward from your center tonight.