New Story: CoRK



Corner of Rosselle and King



New Story: Evervess Art Studio

Waterspirit Rises

The Home of the Waterspirit!

New Story: First Grave, City’s Founder, a Tower, Desecrated, and Now?

The founder of the city built his family a funeral tower.

Hart Monument

The city desecrated it. The city burnt it. The city demolished it.

Shepherds' Cairn above Stone Grain Hope

Stand now where the tower once stood.

Imagine how the city radiates outward from your center tonight.

Chamblin Bookmine: A Tribute, a Narrative, and a Confession

Chamblin Bookmine: Part One of Seven


Chamblin’s Uptown

Union Terminal Warehouse, Chamblin Bookmine Storage

Brooklyn: Chamblin Bookmine, Part 4

Part Five

Brooklyn: Chamblin Bookmine, Part 5

Chamblin’s Uptown: The Steel Vault Biography Room


Chamblin’s Uptown: Gus and Company Building

New Story: Love Note to an Old Ice Cream Shop

Because ice cream’s part of history too, and way better than war.

Because at least 1500 people stood in line to order ice cream, opening night, 1948,


Because the Dreamette was the Creamette 67 years ago!

Story No. 248: Voodoo, Murder and Undying Love in Long Branch

Long Branch_16

East 27th Street and the railroad tracks. How time and landscape absorb voodoo, slavery, murder-suicide, and unrelenting passion.

How and where to find 1874 in 2015.

Long Branch_2

Story No. 247: The Oldest Funeral Home in Florida


The oldest funeral home in Florida. How Bessie Coleman fell 2,000 feet to her death. How when embalmers know they’re good at what they do, they get a little cocky. How embalming fluid is race-neutral. The ultimate accountability of the embalmer and restorative artist: “I’m gonna see all these people again on the other side.”


New Story: Springfield’s Klutho Apartments

One of the most wonderfully eccentric buildings in Jacksonville. Mayors who campaigned for prostitution or were accused of burning down the town. Film


studios gone bankrupt. A masterful artist whose city turned its back on him. Gold leaf in the windows.

Klutho Ap

New Story: Arctic Discoverer & Shipwreck Explorer

Roaming across, up, and down into the Arctic Discoverer, the ship the fugitive Tommy Thompson used to bring three tons of gold from the bottom of the ocean.

New Story: Baptist Pastor Murdered, Architecture Soars

Beaver Street Baptist___1

The murder of a pastor. “Housewife” “schizophrenia.” Flying saucer architecture. Southern Baptist Polygamy. Threats of bombs.