The Psycho of the Geo

The Launch Party…

will take place Saturday, September 8th, at 6:30 at Chamblin’s Uptown, 215 North Laura Street.

What This Project Is…

Psychogeography is, simply put, the psychology of geography. It’s the exploration of the profound and usually unconscious psychological effects places have on us.

Jax Psycho Geo is a collection of stories that explores the old houses, the haunted school buildings, the back alleys, the curves of the rivers and creeks, the ghosted coves of Jacksonville, Florida.

Order the Book…

This Kind of City: Ghost Stories and Psychological Landscapes is the companion paperback to Jax Psycho Geo. It’s the purified distillation.

The Author…

Tim Gilmore is the author of This Kind of City: Ghost Stories and Psychological Landscapes, and Jax Psycho Geo. He is also the author of Horoscopes for Goblins: Poems, 2006-2009, Flights of Crows: Poems, 2002-2006, and the album Waiting in the Lost Rooms (2012). He teaches literature and writing, including Ghost Stories and Psychogeography, at Florida State College at Jacksonville.

Notes on Image Sources…

All post cards are from Tim Gilmore’s personal collection.

Contemporary photographs were taken by Tim Gilmore.

Photographs in the following stories were taken by Emily Gilmore: Saint Nicholas and South Shores; Mayport: Abandoned Lifeguard Station, Hannah Park; Riverside Avondale: Ernest Street to Willow Branch Park (Simultagnosia).

Images in the following stories come from the Florida Memory Collection: LaRose’s, Downtown; Haydon Burns Library, Downtown; Hemming Plaza, Exact Center Point; Hogans House, Downtown; Klutho’s Head and the Prairie Style Tree-of-Life; LaVilla: The Court and the House of Spanish Marie; Mayflower Hotel, Parking Lot, Green Panels, Downtown; Roseland House, Foot of Clarkson Street, Fairfield; Southbank: The Fire inside the Treaty Oak; Sugar Hill, Blodgett Homes, Proton Therapy; Fort George Island; Mandarin: Loretto Road Rectory; Mandarin: Orange Groves, Cypress Knees, Stephen for $450; Eagle Film City; Empire Point: Wine Cellar; Willie Browne Trail, Shell Peninsula, Dredge Spoil Island; Riverside Avondale and Brooklyn: School Number Four, Gilmore Street; Riverside Avondale: Frogmore.

Images in the following stories come from Billy Foley’s Jacksonville: Images through the 20th Century: Football Stadium, Eastside, Downtown; Roosevelt Hotel, The Carling, Downtown.

Images in Roseland House, Foot of Clarkson Street, Fairfield comes from Miriam Cooper’s Dark Lady of the Silents: My Life in Early Hollywood.

Images in Klutho’s Head and the Prairie Style Tree-of-Life come from Robert Broward’s The Architecture of Henry John Klutho: The Prairie School in Jacksonville.

Images in the following stories were provided by the architect William Morgan: Waters Beneath the Merrick House, Downtown; Atlantic Beach: Dunehouses and Pyramid.

Drawings in Chair Tree and the Pretty Monster: Where It Is are by Veda Gilmore.

Images in the following stories come from The Florida Times-Union: Marietta: The Devil in the Christian School; Black Hammock Island: Buddy’s Fish Camp y Santa Cruz y San Buenaventura de Guadalquini.

The image of Old Hemp in Jacksonville Beach, South Second Street, Lonely Man  comes from the International Sheep Dog Society at

Images in Riverside Avondale: Purple Petunia Filling Station and Antique Bottle Collection come from Wesley B. Plott’s Antique Bottles Found in Northeast Florida: Volume One.

The image of Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ in Brooklyn: Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Spruce and Dora Streets, comes from

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