Pumpkin Hill, Where Annette and Mylette Vanished in 1974

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Elizabeth Anderson doesn’t believe her daughters are still alive, but without the discovery of their bodies, they’ll also never die.


In three months in 1974, five little girls between the ages of 6 and 12 disappeared in Jacksonville.


These are the woods where stories go to disappear.

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  1. Help …I was adopted in Utah trying to find family ..my adopted brother gave me your names he discover his parents fosters some children that were kidnapped the sad part about this is he died before he could bring the evidence to me he asked me if I was kidnapped. My name is Belinda Collins I live in Butte Montana . Utah has been giving me much trouble I reported that I suspect I was kidnapped they turned me away. I called the missing children’s hot line they turned me away.trying to report what was told to me

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