Searching for Gonny’s Head, Finding the Ruins

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I was joking when I told her I wanted to find the old man’s bearded head. She’d watched me for a moment, sly-smiled, and called me a resurrectionist.

When Gonny lived here, harvested his home, and built his house, small wild horses still roamed these coastal marsh islands.

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  1. Linda Delaney

    Love your work. Follow all. Marcus Jones was my brother’s father in law. I remember wonderful trips to visit Willie Brown & his brother. They had an old, rounded trailer packed full of books, I have always wondered what happened to those books. Mr Jones worked as a maintenance man at St Vincent Hospital. He was of Minorcan descent. His 97 year old wife is still allive. Still drives.

    You make Jax history so interesting. What I was taught in 3rd grade was Cow ford and the Great Fire. That was it. Keep up your work. I look forward to it.

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