Klan Intimidation at St. Paul Lutheran Church, late 1950s

Click below for the fifth story in a series of seven about the KKK in Jacksonville. On June 13th, come to Coniferous Cafe in downtown Jax at 7 pm, to hear Tim Gilmore’s talk “The Klan in Jax: Its Repugnant Rise and Hysterical Collapse.

Kate Hallock, who edits Jax’s Resident Community News, was surprised to fall in love with Jax. Her father, the first full-time pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church on the Northside, left Jacksonville due to Klan threats in 1959.

James Bouman, a white pastor, had assumed responsibility at an all-black church, not knowing of increasing Klan activity in Jacksonville, especially on the rural Northside where his church was located.

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