In Memory of Walter Whetstone

Walter and Dorothy Whetstone, photo by Maura Wolfson-Foster

Last Friday, May 4th, the state of Florida lost a treasure, when Walter Whetstone–sweet, kind, gracious man, and the brilliant creator of the Whetstonian–passed away. He was 81.

With JaxPsychoGeo, please celebrate the life of Walter Whetstone. Below you’ll find 1) a gofundme drive to “Support the Whetstones” and “Save the Whetstonian,” 2) Walter’s obituary, and 3) two JaxPsychoGeo reveries of this great man and his art.

Here’s the gofundme drive: “Support the Whetstones” / “Save the Whetstonian”

“Walter Whetstone, 1937 to 1981:

the first JaxPsychoGeo story, February, 2012: LaVilla: Whetstonian

the second JaxPsychoGeo story, November, 2016: Whetstonian’s Last Days? / Mural of the Life of Walter Whetstone

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