Springfield Hospital, Part Two

Click below for the second in a three-part series:

The story of Springfield Hospital has never been fully told before now. Part Two brings the disreputable Dr. Alvah Weathers suffering dizzy spells in court, bones found buried on East 27th Street, the testimony of a so-called “comely blonde,” contraception information labeled obscenity, and Celia Settle finding her birth father, 70 years after Dr. Weathers faked her birth certificate. 

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  1. Brenda Taravella

    Our Family found out that my Mother gave birth at the so called Springfield Hospital Feb 14, 1946 & was forced to give the baby up for adoption since she couldn’t pay for the delivery . My Mom’s name & Baby’s name was changed on the Birth Certificate we just got in the mail . It does not have her weight or anything . It has fake information on it . Our Dad was in the Navy & on a ship for over 2 years & when he left for war she was pregnant with my Brother & gave birth at the Navy Hospital . She got pregnant by another man & while my Dad was gone on the ship . She didn’t know what to do & must have met someone who told her she could deliver at Springfield . She was forced to give up her Baby or pay money . I was told 3 people came to her apartment to get the Baby . I need to talk to Tim Gilmore to tell him more & get more information . Please contact me by e-mail & leave a phone number so I can call you . Thank You so much

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