Someone Save the Heston House

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The bachelors were born in this house and died in this house, at either end of a century. The old boathouse fell into the creek. Linden’s boat, the Rapid Rabbit, became an artificial reef.

Charlie fished the whole world, but Sam Skinner drowned off the dinghy. Paul won tennis championships. Their mother watched St. Paul’s Episcopal Church float away on the creek. The beds are made, typewriter fossilized, and the house still waits.

4 responses to “Someone Save the Heston House

  1. Has the local historical society attempted to rescue the structure? How about the Florida Trust?

  2. They haven’t. Give them a call.

    Jacksonville Historical Society
    Executive Director: Alan Bliss

    Archive Coordinator: Mitch Hemann
    Phone: 904-374-0296

    Office Admin.: Erin Steichen
    Phone: 904-665-0064

    Archive Assistant: Imani Phillips
    Phone: 904-665-0064

  3. I smell a screenplay here.

  4. Did you actually get to go inside?? For some reason the piece on Chopstick Charley’s led me here again and I got to enter the delicious creep and spook of it again. “Before the ghosts that aren’t quite memory, that aren’t quite history, since those whose memories this history belonged to are gone, who were the Heston boys’ childhood ghosts? Childhoods always feature ghosts, because children, being new, can’t otherwise imagine the world that came before them. What loves and losses have the trees absorbed invisible on this 1797 Spanish land grant? Who did the boys think they saw in the woods outside their windows at night, or down off the rippling reflections of moonlight on the waters?” I wonder what those bachelors did for money.

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