New Story: Collins Road Christian Academy

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My desk stood against this wall. Now there’s no roof above it. How could I not have known about the fire? This is the school I attended near the ends of both my mother’s life and my innocence. Here, I fell for a Filipina and my classmate’s death rocked the school. Even as all our righteousness was nothing but “filthy rags,” wickedness, in the menacing form of popular culture, knocked at the doors. Oh, but there was Popcorn Day!

3 responses to “New Story: Collins Road Christian Academy

  1. I went there in 1977. I remember our desks, paces, gold stats, putting up the American flag to ask a question, reverend Pappas, and going up to score your paces. Reverend Pappas paddled me for allegedly cheating on scoring my pace. Great memories. I’m surprised reverend Pappas is still alive. God bless him. And of course our white shirt, tie, and blue pants we wore.

  2. Wow. I too went to this school. 1985 had Mrs Beck.
    She and I didn’t see eye to eye. Felt like every week I was getting swats till the last time..and it was the last time. I refused to bend over. I refused to let her hit me with that paddle. I stood my ground and she brought in Mr Papppas. I also stood my ground with him who called my mother in and told her she had to administer said swats. No swats were given that day. If I had to pick somthing worth remembering, it would be chapel every morning. Other then that i didn’t have fond memories of this place. In fact…I have sad ones. I remember a boy the who died because of this place.

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