The Napoleon Bonaparte Broward House at Pilot Town by Fort George Island

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In its century and a half, the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward house has been empty more than lived in. It hoists its widow’s walk from the roof at Fort George Island. Built by a New York dentist in the 1870s, now the hq of the Timucuan Parks Foundation, the house will forever be associated with Broward, the Duval County sheriff, Jax city councilman, state representative and Florida governor who smuggled guns to Cuba and wanted to drain the Everglades and start racial apartheid.

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  1. The Broward Historic House is alive and full of history if you know about our family. Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward and First Lady Annie Douglass Broward had nine children eight daughters before finally having their son Napoleon. Their names are important in the story of the Broward House. Unfortunately the historical preoccupation with the patriarchy has silenced and buried the names of Annie, Annie Dorcas, Josephine, Enid, Elsie, Ella, Agnes, Florida, and Elizabeth Broward the daughters of Napoleon and Annie. There are less than ten living grandchildren I can lead you to all of them and there are many of us who are great grandchildren whose lives amplify the lives of Napoleon and Annie into a legacy of biography so big the historians in Florida have not even attempted to unveil. I’m working on raising the Broward women from the dead. Do you want to join me? Sharon Hardee Jimenez

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