The Last Days of Taylor Hardwick’s George Varn House

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Within the month, one of the earliest houses designed by Taylor Hardwick, one of Florida’s greatest architects, will be demolished. It’s a stipulation of the original owner’s will. Because who said you can’t take it with you when you die? 

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  1. Christine Sullivan

    Hello Tim,

    My name is Christine Sullivan, and I am a undergraduate history major who finally (finally!!!) finished her capstone thesis project. I’ve grown up in Jacksonville all my life, and couldn’t think of a better area to focus so much of my time on. I just wanted to leave you a little blurb to thank you for this site and your years of research-they were invaluable to my own work, and your passion for Jacksonville history is such an inspiration to me. I love the way you present stories and histories on this page, it’s such a unique way of connecting the past that everyone’s forgotten about to today.

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