Ironic Innocence at Trinity Christian Academy

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It was pastor Bob Gray who gave my mother permission to marry the man who’d become my father in 1972. I didn’t attend the school until after my mother died. My 1989 yearbook is dedicated to Dennis Cassell, Trinity Christian Academy’s first football coach, who’d soon be fired for speaking out against how Trinity’s coverup of decades of child sexual abuse. Ironically, I miss my own innocence, and my few friendships, from those years. 

2 responses to “Ironic Innocence at Trinity Christian Academy

  1. Takes courage to compose & share testimony against even, or especially formerly powerful prevaricating perpetrators. Ty

  2. David Ponsler

    Ditto for the above. I wanted also thank you for this work and a thanks for the people brave enough to be included as your source. I was there in 1972-73 5th /6th grade not sexually abused but corporal punishment was severe. I tried to research another incident I got wind of but seems no info existed and noted your link was the only thing I saw with the exception of the more recent soccer/bible teacher. I just finished the book and may buy another copy so I can pass it around. It should be required reading for legislators and governors etc pushing for private education! I was hoping this book might bring some sort of closure knowing the facts but naturally it just made my blood boil! All good. Tim , I hope top get a chance to meet you one day and have a discussion. Maybe you know more about what I suspect also wen on when I was there. That is really what I was hoping to learn more about.

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