Hove Hall and the Sacrifice the House Demands

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It’s not just that John Hove, Florida businessman and former Swedish judge, has spent a decade renovating this 1920s riverfront mansion that his renaming the house makes a necessary romantic sense. He never knew what strange Christmas pasts the house harbored and couldn’t have predicted the scale of personal tragedy. Still, this renovation will mark the achievement of a lifetime!

3 responses to “Hove Hall and the Sacrifice the House Demands

  1. Thank you for another wonderful article, Tim. I’m Pokey’s nephew and have many memories of being in that house with her and her family. I am especially moved and fascinated by the life and work of John Hove and hope he finds much happiness in his new relationship. Love your book on Virginia King also. She called on me in my office at the old Jacksonville National Bank many times.

  2. I pray that John Gove doesn’t give up after the renovation is finished. I pray that he finds something to keep him going. I hope he gets to see his granddaughter!

  3. Stay strong Mr John Hove. You are an amazing man. I hope the house needs you for many many more years to come. I would love to see what you have done.

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