Recalling the Childhood Terrors of Mr. Peanut

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Something wasn’t right about him, the 54-foot-tall man-legume who looked down at children in their parents’ cars. Some kids just remember the joys of popping roasted peanuts into their fizzing Cokes at the Planter’s Peanut Store. The giant Mr. Peanut on Arlington Expressway didn’t last long, but oh how he left his mark!

2 responses to “Recalling the Childhood Terrors of Mr. Peanut

  1. Thanks for your post about Mr. Peanut. I probably drove by Mr. Peanut on U.S. 1 in Daytona hundreds of times. Our parents took us there when we first moved to Daytona in 1964. Because it was an ordeal taking nine kids anywhere we only went once or twice. Once I got my own license I happily drove by on my way to and from Father Lopez High School, the one at the corner of Nova and Mason that the archdiocese tore down and was supposed to be replaced by a Wal-Mart. My wife and I get to Daytona only occasionally now that we live in Wyoming. She graduated from Seabreeze, the surfer high school across from the beach. I have a brother and sister who live in Ormond and say that Daytona has gone to hell in a handbasket. That may be true but my memories of surfing at Hartford Ave. and cruising the beach on hot summer days keep me warm in the winter.

  2. Georgia Pribanic

    Can you verify posting date? The page with hot link says 1/10/2023 but I’m thinking it should be 2/10/2023. Can you verify, please? Thank you, Georgia Pribanic, JHS Librarian

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