The Book Launch for Tim Gilmore’s The Culture Wars of Warren Folks

The book launch for The Culture Wars of Warren Folks, my 22nd book, an historical work of antiracism and critical biography, happens at the Jacksonville Historical Society at 5:30 on September 14th. Click here for tickets. Here are some questions for which you might want answers.

1)     Why did the weekly racist news rag The Jacksonville Chronicle, of the 1950s and ’60s, eventually turn into a “sex scandal sheet”?

2)     Why did Warren Folks, shortly before running for sheriff himself, send notes to Sheriff Dale Carson, saying “Sheriff Carson – If you Want Warren Folks Killed – Why Don’t You Gun him down Yourself?”

3)     Just how different were Folks’s “Christ, America and the White Race” campaigns from today’s political slogans and campaigns?

Click here for your tickets to the upcoming book launch of The Culture Wars of Warren Folks.

4)     What happened when Black Power activist H. Rap Brown spoke in Jacksonville in 1968 and Governor Claude Kirk hopped the fence at Durkee Field to confront him?

5)     Why, when crime novelist Mickey Spillane came to town in response to Folks demanding his books be banned, did he wear that tight mesh polo shirt fronted with shoelace-style threads?

6)     Why did WIVY disc jockey Jamie Brooks, who frequently introduced rock bands at the old Jax Coliseum, challenge Warren Folks to a pie fight?

7)     Why did Folks tell a judge in federal court that he believed federal marshals had hidden evidence of government overreach by eating 420 pounds of apricot seeds?

8)     Who was the only Black person Warren Folks ever voted for, and what does it mean that Florida’s most infamous self-avowed white supremacist once voted for a Black person?

The Hope and History Mural Project | Jax Examiner

9)     What did Civil Rights icon Rodney Hurst do when Warren Folks showed up at the 40th commemoration of Ax Handle Saturday and reached out to shake Hurst’s hand?

10)  What exactly did Warren Folks, while still in the Navy, have to do with the atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands?

After 75 years, it's time to clean Bikini - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Click here for your tickets to the upcoming book launch of The Culture Wars of Warren Folks.

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