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William on Spearing Street

by Tim Gilmore, 8/30/2022 We brought him some fruit and some soda that day. I’m sure we should’ve stuck to what was most nutritious. He’d have appreciated it either way. Right? Or is that assumption insulting? We’d come upon William by … Continue reading

The Pickettville Serial Killer: Patrick Allen Herald’s Old Stomping Grounds

Click below for the full story: In 1990, she was tired of living in a West Beaver Street trailer park. Her father had given Pat Herald permission to drive her, a minor, home to New Jersey. He probably hadn’t yet … Continue reading

Halloween-week story: Spence Auto Sales and Ottis Toole Death Car

Click below for Halloween-week’s story, or navigate the city through the direction buttons at the top of the page: It was November 1983, six months since Spence had last seen Ottis Toole, the great fake serial killer. Detectives thought they … Continue reading

New Story: Ottis Toole’s Mother’s House (Until He Burnt It Down)

Click below for this week’s story, or navigate the city through the direction buttons at the top of the page: The first time Ottis Toole burnt down his mother’s house, he was 10 or 11 years old. When he burnt … Continue reading

Russell Tillis, ‘House of Horrors’

by Tim Gilmore, 8/14/2021 1. “Vulnerable Forgotten Members of our Society” Once he said he’d dumped body parts all around Jacksonville. Another time he said he’d buried them beneath his so-called “house of horrors.” That’s where police found what was left … Continue reading

The final story of this Quartet: Paxon Lounge

Click below for the full story: Nobody in 2019 remembers the serial killer who drank deeply and regularly here a quarter-century ago. A Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist called it “a redneck bar” with “a two-tooth minimum.” Patrick Allen Herald conned young … Continue reading

Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts, Florida State College at Jacksonville, South Campus; Sendoff to Ken McCulough

by Tim Gilmore, 3/31/2022 1. “We Have Come Here in Search of an Author” The six characters enter and stop by the door at the back of the stage. A tenuous light surrounds them, almost as if irradiated by them. … Continue reading

The City’s Smallest Church (To hell with men who prey on women!)

Click below for the full story. (Then surf for hundreds more.) Surrounding streets are named for birds. Then there’s Redpoll, where rapist and serial killer Patrick Allen Herald staged the body of a prostitute in 1993. Nor could I have expected less … Continue reading

Paxon Lounge

by Tim Gilmore, 2/1/2019 cont’d from Patrick Allen Herald’s Old Stomping Grounds When she met him at Paxon Lounge in 1990, she had no idea he was awaiting trial for sexual assault. She certainly didn’t know he’d soon start murdering prostitutes. … Continue reading

You Know this City if You’ve Crossed its Central Divisions: Myrtle Avenue Underpass / Subway / Tunnel

Click below for the full story: For well more than a century, the crossroads sunken into the Myrtle Avenue Underpass has taken lives, defined neighborhoods, separated beneficiaries from the poor the city’s more harshly judged. Streetcars crossed the sump betwixt … Continue reading