The Ace Motel / Capri Motel, Main Street


Avenue B: Silver Star and Havana Nite Club


Black Hammock Island: Buddy’s Fish Camp y Santa Cruz y San Buenaventura de Guadalquini

Black Rock Beach / Boneyard Beach (Big Talbot Island)

Brentwood Park Bandstand and Comfort Station and Parthenon

Bullet Bob’s Grave

Callahan: 1. Johnson House Bloodstains and Rattlesnakes in the Road

Callahan: 2. Musslewhite Farm, Black Town and the Klan Rally

Callahan: 3. Jingles the Dog and the Workers’ Quarters

Callahan: 4. Pete Wright’s Buried-Alive Bride, Moonshine, and the Rainbow Restaurant

Car-Ma-Geddon, Heckscher Drive

Carver Manor: Richardson Road

Cedar Point Ruins

Clapboard Creek: White Shell Fish Camp

Cleveland Heights: Cleveland Road at Lockhart Drive

Dames Point

Dinsmore Dairy

Durkee Field / J.P. (Bubbling) Small Stadium

Durkeeville: Jax Beer Building

Evergreen Cemetery: Facing Kaaba

Fairview Peninsula at Trout River: Rusted Wrought-Iron Leafwork and Blooms, Harriet Avenue

Fort George Island

Fort George Island Crypts

Fort George Island: Sandollar Restaurant and Marina

Fort George Island: Neff House and Betz Sphere

Fort George Island: Neff House Witch Project

Fred Cotten’s Barbecue

Gator Hole

Harbor View: What Ever Happened to Beverly June? Part 1

Ideal Trailer Park

Lake Forest Peninsula: Empty House Flea Syndrome

Little Talbot Island Shipwreck

Long Branch (Voodoo at East 27th and the Railroad Tracks)

Magnolia Gardens / Gardenvale: St. Paul Lutheran Church

Moncrief Cemetery District

Moncrief Springs

New Berlin Crab Shack

New Berlin: Goat Island and Christopher’s Pier

New Berlin: Grey Hotel

Norwood: Millennium Specialty Chemicals (Fishing in Pollution)

North Shore: Mulberry Street (“And to Think That I Saw It on”), The Line between Where It’s Raining and Where It’s Not

North Shore: Rolliston Park

North Shore: Where the Rain Tree Was

Oceanway: Catherine Tourist Court

Oceanway: Christel and George Bartchlett Folk Art Collection

Panama Park: Seafarer’s Marina

Pecan Park Flea Market and Beer Pond

Potter’s Field (Hillside Cemetery) and Howell’s Morning Glory Chapel

Pumpkin Hill: Anderson Cemetery (Annette’s and Mylette’s Memorial)

Pumpkin Hill: Verse Versus at Five Acre Spread

Riverhills Park: The Pig, the Teardrop Tattoos, the House Trailer, and the Deep Beauty on Third Avenue

Royal Terrace: Camphor Berries and Embers

Sawyers Addition / Ritchieville: Marian’s House on Janette Street

Shantyboat, Trout Rover (& Lynn Skapyak Harlin)

Springfield: Barnett Mansion

Springfield: Brown Museum of Art

Springfield Community Garden, Main Street

Springfield: Confederate Park: Monument “In Memory of our Women of the Southland”

Springfield: Dancy Terrace (Redell Street)

Springfield: Drew Mansion

Springfield: Drew Mansion and the Buried Head

Springfield: East Fifth Street House Fire

Springfield: Hubbard Street

Springfield: Jacobs Flats / Jax Brickhouse

Springfield: Klutho House

Springfield: Klutho Apartments

Springfield: North Laura Street

Springfield: Ottis Toole House

Springfield: Shantytown, Sixth and Main

Springfield: Subway Car No. 983

Springfield Tunnels

Sugar Hill, Blodgett Homes, Proton Therapy

White Harvest Farms

Winona Drive by Evergreen Cemetery

Yellow Bluff Fort, New Berlin Road: Earthworks and Hobo Jungles

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