The Ace Motel / Capri Motel, Main Street


Avenue B: Silver Star and Havana Nite Club


Big Talbot Island: Grand Shell Ring

Big Talbot Island: Sarabay

Black Hammock Island: Buddy’s Fish Camp y Santa Cruz y San Buenaventura de Guadalquini

Black Rock Beach / Boneyard Beach (Big Talbot Island)

Brentwood Park Bandstand and Comfort Station and Parthenon

Bullet Bob’s Grave

Callahan: 1. Johnson House Bloodstains and Rattlesnakes in the Road

Callahan: 2. Musslewhite Farm, Black Town and the Klan Rally

Callahan: 3. Jingles the Dog and the Workers’ Quarters

Callahan: 4. Pete Wright’s Buried-Alive Bride, Moonshine, and the Rainbow Restaurant

Capri Motel / Motel Capri

Car-Ma-Geddon, Heckscher Drive

Carver Manor: Richardson Road

Cedar Point Ruins

Clapboard Creek: White Shell Fish Camp

Cleveland Heights: Cleveland Road at Lockhart Drive

Coca-Cola Bottling Company (New Springfield)

Dames Point

Dinsmore Dairy

Durkee Field / J.P. (Bubbling) Small Stadium

Durkeeville: Fairfax Street Wood Treaters / Howard Feed Mills / American Motors Export Company

Durkeeville: Jax Beer Building

Durkeeville: Kennelly Building; Ballot Cures, ‘Black Votes Matter,’ ‘Red Ball Building’ Goes Blue

Evergreen Cemetery: Facing Kaaba

Fairview Peninsula at Trout River: Rusted Wrought-Iron Leafwork and Blooms, Harriet Avenue

Fort George Island

Fort George Island Crypts

Fort George Island: Sandollar Restaurant and Marina

Fort George Island: Neff House and Betz Sphere

Fort George Island: Neff House Witch Project

Fred Cotten’s Barbecue

Gary’s Ice Cream / Creamette

Gateway Mall and Shopping Center / Yellow Fever Burials / Sand Hills Hospital

Gator Hole

Gonny Gonzales Tabby House Ruins

Grand Park

Harbor View: What Ever Happened to Beverly June? Part 1

Harry Crews’s Childhood Nightmare Northside

Hogan’s Creek Tower

Hogans Creek and the Emerald Necklace

Hogans Creek, Reflecting the Life and History of the City

Ideal Trailer Park

Jacksonville Trisect Sculpture

Jacksonville Zoo (for Harry Crews, Jiggs and Gandai)

Lake Forest Peninsula: Empty House Flea Syndrome

Lincoln Villas: Jesus Christ the Son of God Holiness unto the Lord Revival Church (and the Voices of Women)

Little Talbot Island Shipwreck

Long Branch (Voodoo at East 27th and the Railroad Tracks)

Lynching of Johnnie Mae Chappell

Magnolia Gardens / Gardenvale: St. Paul Lutheran Church

Malabar Motel Murder

Mary Singleton Senior Center

Mollie Peartree’s House

Moncrief Cemetery District

Moncrief Park: Saturday Night Prior to the GMAC Mass Shooting

Moncrief Springs

Napoleon Bonaparte Broward House, Pilot Town (Batten Island at Fort George Island)

New Berlin Crab Shack

New Berlin: Goat Island and Christopher’s Pier

New Berlin: Grey Hotel

North Shore: Mulberry Street (“And to Think That I Saw It on”), The Line between Where It’s Raining and Where It’s Not

North Shore: Rolliston Park

North Shore: Tip Top Tavern / Randall’s Ranch House Restaurant

North Shore: Where the Rain Tree Was

Northwest Decapitations: West Sixth Street and Devonshire Boulevard

Norwood: Standard Turpentine Co., Glidden, SCM Organics, SCM Glidco, Millennium Specialty Chemicals, Renessenz LLC, Symrise

Oceanway: Catherine Tourist Court

Oceanway: Christel and George Bartchlett Folk Art Collection

Old Panama Road

Panama Park: Seafarer’s Marina

Pecan Park Flea Market and Beer Pond

Potter’s Field (Hillside Cemetery) and Howell’s Morning Glory Chapel

Pumpkin Hill: Anderson Cemetery (Annette’s and Mylette’s Memorial)

Pumpkin Hill: Verse Versus at Five Acre Spread

Relax Inn / Garden Court / Main Street Motor Court

Riverhills Park: The Pig, the Teardrop Tattoos, the House Trailer, and the Deep Beauty on Third Avenue

Riverview and T.K. Stokes Boat Ramp

Robert Burns Monument

Royal Terrace: Camphor Berries and Embers

Sawyers Addition / Ritchieville: Marian’s House on Janette Street

Shantyboat, Trout Rover (& Lynn Skapyak Harlin)

Slappey’s Town of Ghent Motel

Spiritual Lighthouse Church

Springfield Advent Christian Church Cemetery / Lindsley Cemetery

Springfield Hospital for Abortions and Adoptions, Part 1: Incomplete Abortion, Criminal

Springfield Hospital for Abortions and Adoptions, Part 2: Obscenity, Dizzy Spells, Birth Fathers

Springfield Hospital for Abortions and Adoptions, Part 3: Holes in the Story

Springfield: Applegate Secrest House

Springfield: Barnett Mansion

Springfield: Big Jim

Springfield: Brown Museum of Art

Springfield Community Garden, Main Street

Springfield: Confederate and Market, Moving Day, 1973

Springfield: Confederate Park: Monument “In Memory of our Women of the Southland”

Springfield: Dancy Terrace (Redell Street)

Springfield: Drew Mansion

Springfield: Drew Mansion and the Buried Head

Springfield: Drewseum / McMillan House

Springfield: East Fifth Street House Fire

Springfield: Ellenelle

Springfield: Florence Court Apartments

Springfield: Hornsby House / First Evangelical Church / Jenny and David’s Home

Springfield: Hubbard Street

Springfield: Jacobs Flats / Jax Brickhouse

Springfield: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum / First Church of Christ, Scientist

Springfield: Klutho House

Springfield: Klutho Apartments

Springfield: Lewis Marker, William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg

Springfield: North Laura Street

Springfield: Ottis Toole House

Springfield: Perry Rinehart House

Springfield: Shantytown, Sixth and Main

Springfield: Spence Auto Sales and Ottis Toole Death Car

Springfield: State Board of Health Building

Springfield: Subway Car No. 983

Springfield Tunnels

St. Mary’s Liquors, Riverside Motel and the Boat Ramp Where They Pulled Nellie from the River

Sugar Hill, Blodgett Homes, Proton Therapy

Tarzan and Darlyn on Trout River; Or, Dee Dee and the Florida Monkeys

Texan Motel and the Killing of Thomas Kimble Coleman

Triangle at Old Lem Turner

White Harvest Farms

Wilhelmina Kaiser’s House

Winona Drive by Evergreen Cemetery

Yellow Bluff Fort, New Berlin Road: Earthworks and Hobo Jungles

Yulee: McCormick’s TV Repair (in Echoes of Jeff Whipple’s Dad)

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