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First story of 2020: When the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang was Bombed in Jax

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George and Winnie Sharrow slipped into their small car in Southside Estates and the car bomb blew them to pieces. Police began to speculate a gangland war might be brewing between the Outlaws and Hell’s Angels. Florida had been a “battleground state,” not just for electoral college votes, but for biker allegiance, and the war was waged through women.

When Governor Claude Kirk Hopped the Fence and Took the Mic from “Black Power Agitator,” H. Rap Brown

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This ballpark has been the heart of Durkeeville for more than a century. It was Jacksonville’s municipal baseball stadium until 1954. The Negro Leagues played here. Hank Aaron “integrated” the Jacksonville Braves and won MVP, 1953.

White people had lots of guns and white cops all had guns, so black people! should get guns too. So said H. Rap Brown, who bridged the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to the Black Panthers.

Claude Kirk, 36th governor of Florida, Jax insurance salesman, hopped the fence at Durkee Field, tromped toward the pitcher’s mound, and snatched the mic from H. Rap Brown.