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Gravely Hill Plantation and Graveyard

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Why is the world’s oldest man buried here? Or wasn’t he 133 years old? Where are Jim Domingo, Cyrus and Francisco? And who burnt down the old house on the hill? The kids playing hide-and-seek? Or that ageless wanderer who’d lost count of his wars, trying to keep warm on a winter night?


New story: Sawyers Addition and Ritchieville

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The dogs would eat her and her brothers alive, she was sure, but their fear didn’t keep them off their roller skates.

Marian has done some digging into the city’s ugly history. She found that her childhood home was built in 1914, the same year Jacksonville hosted a major Confederate veterans’ reunion, which brought more than 48,000 Confederate veterans to the city’s celebrations.

While the sun room became her grandmother’s room, the “washer and dryer room” became her mother’s. This smallest space opened to the back yard directly.