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The Napoleon Bonaparte Broward House at Pilot Town by Fort George Island

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In its century and a half, the Napoleon Bonaparte Broward house has been empty more than lived in. It hoists its widow’s walk from the roof at Fort George Island. Built by a New York dentist in the 1870s, now the hq of the Timucuan Parks Foundation, the house will forever be associated with Broward, the Duval County sheriff, Jax city councilman, state representative and Florida governor who smuggled guns to Cuba and wanted to drain the Everglades and start racial apartheid.

New Story: The Ancient Timucuan Community of Sarabay

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This is the ancient Timucuan Indian community of Sarabay. For more than two decades, UNF archaeologist Keith Ashley suspected it. Now he’s sure. European pottery found here matches notes in French and Spanish writings from the 1560s to the early 1600s. For the Mocama, the Timucuan people who lived here for thousands of years, European contact meant the beginning of the end.

Looking Back at Last Year’s Hurricanes

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It’s been a year. As Hurricane Florence bears down on the Carolinas, and scientists prognosticate that Climate Change may bring about Category 6 hurricanes, I look back at the homage I wrote for those unsung heroes, the linemen, after Hurricane Irma.

Searching for Gonny’s Head, Finding the Ruins

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I was joking when I told her I wanted to find the old man’s bearded head. She’d watched me for a moment, sly-smiled, and called me a resurrectionist.

When Gonny lived here, harvested his home, and built his house, small wild horses still roamed these coastal marsh islands.

A Jax Psycho Geo Halloween Special: The Neff House

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For nearly a century, the stillborn house left behind by the suicide of Nettleton Neff has waited empty. Only one family has called the Neff House home. They called it “The Castle.”


When they heard inexplicable voices and doors opening and slamming shut throughout the house, they didn’t blame ghosts. They blamed the strange steel ball they found at the site of a brush fire by the house. Though the Betzes left the Neff House in the 1980s, UFOlogists and conspiracy theorists never stopped harassing them. 


Meanwhile, the Nettleton Neff House yet molders among the hills on the most secretive roads at the back of Fort George Island. It’s is the loneliest structure in Northeast Florida.