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New Story: Geodesica

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Here, Charles died in Drew’s arms. Here in the rotunda, at the bottom of the ocean, though Santa Monica demolished this amusement park the year I was born, it thrives. Gilbert Spindel drew up his “Roundhouse” blueprints and promoted them in newspapers across the country in 1956. This particular Geodesica served as “exhibit house” three years later. All the rest comes forward like tides, historical patterns, ghosts. “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio…”

JaxPsychoGeo is Six Years Old: Here’s the Dunehouses and Pyramid, First Posted in 2012

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JaxPsychoGeo first published this story about William Morgan’s Dunehouses and Pyramid when the site launched six years ago. Since then, the writing and scope have ev0lved, while the core artistic, spiritual and geographic pursuit has remained.

At Morgan’s own house next door, the architect told the detective the proportions of the rectangular interior of the Dunehouses are golden. Did she know what this meant?

The house William Morgan built for himself now more than 40 years ago stood next door. But first the Dunehouses, which he’d built in 1974 and ’75.