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Bebe Deluxe, Storybook Pride Prom, and the History of Gay Pride at Willowbranch Park and Library

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It’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and at Willowbranch Library, an epicenter of gay rights history in Jacksonville, hundreds of supporters of gender and sexual minority young people rally in their defense after Jacksonville Public Libraries Director Tim Rogers canceled their sold-out Pride Prom.

Now there are two teen pride events, instead of one. The prom still takes place, at a now undisclosed location, a local church, and hundreds of supporters rally at Willowbranch Library to express their solidarity and love.

New Story: The Murder Scene of Transgender Activist Terrianne Summers

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Royall calls Day Avenue a “significant place in transgender culture.” She drives by regularly. “I feel embarrassed to be trans. If people call me ‘he,’ I don’t correct them.”

Summers' Day 5

The Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office cold case file calls Terrianne “he.” Neighbors called her much worse.

When Royall was a child, she says, “I would argue with God in my mind, telling him if he didn’t make me a girl, I’d stop believing in him.”

Summers' Day 9