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The “Pantheistic Mysticism” of the Delius House

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The Delius House at Jacksonville University has served, at times, as international pilgrimage site. Today it feels forlorn. Saved once, 60 years ago, it feels in need of salvation again. Moved from Solano Grove in 1961, it’s the cottage where the English composer Frederick Delius said he first “felt the urge toward music.”

Where the Jacksonville Woman’s Club Stood

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It’s not a “demolition,” they say. It’s a “salvage.” Either way, the Jacksonville Woman’s Club building is gone. Causes seen as primarily “women’s” have encountered the same contradictory status of being both exalted and discounted that women themselves have historically experienced. The “Woman’s Club

Movement” owns an important place in the history of feminism, leading even to #metoo. The headline declaimed, “Quadruple Amputee to Get Degree and Bride this Week.” Mellen Greeley, the architect who built the Woman’s Club building, “said the secret to living a long life was being a peaceful person.” My daugthers will always identify by their own names. They’ll never be Mrs. Somebody-Else.