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Hardwicks in the Living Room of the City

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Hardwicks opens in the living room of the city, most recently the site of the Burro Bar and the London Bridge. A city is a storm of historical forces meshing landscape through timeline. Former segregationist spaces open into the city’s newest gay bar. Yet Tim Hoal speaks, not with surprise, but with irony of the loving feel of the old United Cigar Store Building.

2 New Year’s Stories: Remembering Kyle Marshall, DJ Chef Rocc, and New Life at Gator Lodge

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1. You shouldn’t die of congestive heart failure at 38 years old. Jacksonville loved F. Kyle Marshall. Some say he personified the city. I first met Kyle, where Rain Dogs is now, at Five Points Barber Shop, in 1931.

2. Lisa King learned to love people, coming and going, learned to love Jax when she first learned to walk at Gator Lodge. Never mind Haydon Burns and Aileen Wuornos. At her birthday party at this crossroads thrums the great untapped strength of the city’s diversity.