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New Story: Trump Office Closure, Inside Scoop

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According to Patsy Butts, who donated the Park Street storefront for the Trump campaign office, the caller from Trump Florida “berated” her, even threatened to have her thrown in jail or a psychiatric ward.

Trump Hitler

Butts is apparently so angry at the Trump Florida campaign that she’s been ranting to friends that she might not be able to vote for Trump after all.

New Story: Riverside’s Trump Office is Vanquished!

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The office lasted little more than half a year. It set up shop as a great big middle finger to Riverside Avondale. Then it disappeared as quietly and quickly as it came.

Time cover

Time Magazine cover, art by Edel Rodriguez


Update #3: Trashcans and Tacos Thrown at Riverside Trump Office

The taco did no damage, just lay sadly on the ground, but News4Jax called it “an effort to hurt Trump’s campaign.

taco 2

The trashcan did do some damage, a little bit.