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Hardwicks in the Living Room of the City

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Hardwicks opens in the living room of the city, most recently the site of the Burro Bar and the London Bridge. A city is a storm of historical forces meshing landscape through timeline. Former segregationist spaces open into the city’s newest gay bar. Yet Tim Hoal speaks, not with surprise, but with irony of the loving feel of the old United Cigar Store Building.

Mediterranean Southern Gothic

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It’s a Mediterranean yet Southern Gothic masterpiece set beside Little Pottsburg Creek. Drivers on Atlantic Boulevard have wondered at the house for decades. The legends proliferate.

It was Harry Moyer who made this 1920s architectural gem a true work of art. He drenched the original design in his masterful tilework. The house has survived decline before, but it needs you now more than ever.

New Story: Phil May Re Ron Chamblin

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Several stories above the Ortega River, Phil May recalls his book collection of 100,000 volumes.

Ron 1

He remembers when Ron Chamblin bought Cy Crawford’s bookshop, when Crawford Bookmine became Chamblin Bookmine.