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A Condemnation of Contraception One Afternoon at Pic N’ Save

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I bought Star Wars action figures at Pic N’ Save in 1980 and searched for “fish cheeks” in ’86. The Setzers started their first grocery in the 1920s and Pic N’ Save in ’55, then closed the drug store chain in the ’90s. Though I’d grown up fundamentalist, what that cashier said to me and my first wife, newlyweds, shocked us silent. I’ll never forget it. 

Reggie Bridges’s Shotgun House, WATG Radio, and the Unofficial Museum of Brooklyn

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For half a century, Reginald Bridges’s 544 square foot shotgun house has hummed with the magnetic density of Brooklyn’s long life. Most much larger houses have lived far less.


Reggie and Harold operated WATG Radio from the back yard and transmitted via cable across Spruce Street to Brooklyn Park. The station might not have transmitted far, but the whole neighborhood listened.


Now we’re looking together at a grainy photograph of a little boy in a suit standing on a Brooklyn sidewalk half a century ago. If you could photograph time, you’d have this very photograph.