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Walking the Fishweir Creek Loop / Finding the Bridge Where They Planted the Dynamite

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Twice they dynamited the railroad bridge on Fishweir Creek, but it barely slowed down the Palmetto Limited. Alligators and otters inhabit the creek. So did Vivian’s gun. How many people ever have walked the whole creek loop through the city?

Florida Junior College, What the Beginning Looks Like, the Chance to Create a New World

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“It was not a frivolous time. We felt like we were doing something really important. You couldn’t help but feel that way.”

In idealistic camaraderie, they built a new curriculum and course outlines from scratch, socialized until late in the night, and discussed what books their students should read.

Erstwhile underground bomb shelters opened up. In one building “down toward Park Street,” FJC headquartered its Experimental College.