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The Tortuous Tale of Tarzan and Darlyn on Trout River

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When Darlyn Finch Kuhn was eight years old, her brother spotted the monkey on a fencepost by the side of the road. Bringing Tarzan into the family for two years was a wild experience. Where did he come from? (And where did he go?) How do we contextualize Tarzan amongst urban legends of the Riverside monkeys and Monkey Farm and Silver Springs escapees or the thousands of monkeys who’ve called Florida home?

New Story: The Monkey Farm, The Orange Door, and The Granary

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In nearly every way, the baby chimp learned more quickly and outperformed the little boy raised alongside her. Gua was the first to walk upright, and Donald imitated her manner of walking. Gua recognized her reflection before Donald recognized his, she understood pictures in children’s books before Donald did, and she taught Donald to bite people and walls. Gua loved to be tickled and engaged in long sessions of tickling herself.


The 130 year old house’s story arc from ape research center to halfway house to the health and whole foods store called The Granary makes for a lovely and optimistic narrative.