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Tim Gilmore is the author of 15 books.

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The Book of Isaiah: A Vision of the Founder of a City

(2017) Isaiah David Hart founded the city of Jacksonville, Florida. He made his wealth by stealing slaves and reselling them in other states. Later he treated a slave as wife and left her a share of his will. His thoughts on God and religion bordered on paganism. He built himself a 35 foot tall tomb. His son Ossian became the 10th governor of Florida and sought to redeem Florida from the Confederacy.

Devil in the Baptist Church: Bob Gray’s Unholy Trinity

(2016) Bob Gray built Trinity Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida from a minuscule congregation to what once was the largest Baptist church in Florida. As he became a national leader of Baptist fundamentalism, he also sexually abused children for more than 50 years. This book tells the story of the rise of Southern fundamentalism and the lengths to which one church went to cover up for its pastor’s crimes.

Central Georgia Schizophrenia (Everything Buried Will Rise)

(2016) Central Georgia Schizophrenia (Everything Buried Will Rise) is part Southern Gothic family history, part meditation on eagles’ nests and blind horses, century-old beer tokens, and the faithfulness of dogs. It’s anchored in the Georgia State Sanitarium in Milledgeville, Georgia.

We Are All Used Books: 70 Conversations with Ron Chamblin

(2016) For 40 years, Chamblin’s Books has been gracious to countless writers, artists, musicians, and of course, its customers, loyal or new. Today, Chamblin’s, in its multiple locations, is the largest independent bookstore in the Southeast. In We Are All Used Books: 70 Conversations with Ron Chamblin, you’ll read of: 1. a naked bookseller aiming his shotgun at a burglar, 2. airplanes built in back of bookstores, 3. strange pagan rituals in California mountains, 4. finding moonshine stills and trapping a vulture, 5. a childhood house afloat on a sea of liquor bottles, 6. and Marge the Manatee.

The Mad Atlas of Virginia King (Including Virginia’s Own Photographs, with Hurley Winkler and Kiley Secrest)

(2015) Virginia King wrote an 8,448 page book about her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, with a title nearly as long. She said her brother was dead. He said he’d never heard of her. She called the wealthiest people in the city “my little friends.” THE MAD ATLAS OF VIRGINIA KING, which explores the life and psychology of this strange writer, is illustrated by her own photography, with meaningful musings by Hurley Winkler, and hand-drawn maps by Kiley Secrest.

In Search of Eartha White, Storehouse for the People

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(2014) Eartha White lived in the Mission she founded on LaVilla’s West Ashley Street. She lived with the poor she helped, ate from the food she shared, and clothed herself from the donations she offered. Though she met with business leaders, mayors, governors, and presidents, she never separated herself from the poor it was her life’s purpose to help.

The Ocean Highway at Night

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(2014) The Ocean Highway at Night is the story of Old A1A, a lost branch of a bypassed Florida highway, its communities of Summer Haven and Marineland, the world’s “first oceanarium,” the rock shelves of limestone coquina on the beaches, and the mysterious mayors of these coastal podunks.

Stalking Ottis Toole: A Southern Gothic

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(2013) Ottis Toole was either one of the worst serial killers in history or a dimwitted arsonist who never meant to kill anyone. Or someone somewhere between. It’s hard to tell if Ottis Toole himself knew which Ottis was Ottis.

Ghost Compost: Strange Little Stories (illustrated by Nick Dunkenstein)

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(2013) Ghost Compost is Tim Gilmore’s collection of very short surreal stories.

Doors in the Light and the Water: The Life and Collected Works of Empty Boat

(2013) The only collection of everything known about the strange hermit poet Empty Boat and all that remains of Empty Boat’s work.

Discarded Windows: Scenes Dreamt in Old Glass

(2013) These stories are about reflection. You and yourself are two. You might say to yourself: “you and I.” So you have haunted yourself all your life. These windows are about paying attention to that doubling. These windows are witnesses to the haunting.

This Kind of City: Ghost Stories and Psychological Landscapes

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(2012) This Kind of City is a collection of stories that explores the old houses, the haunted school buildings, the back alleys, the curves of the rivers and creeks, the ghosted coves of a city in Florida. It is the core of Jax Psycho Geo, the psychological and geographical project to be found at This book is the purified distillation of that project.

Waiting in the Lost Rooms: EAT Poems #2

An audio collection of poems published by EAT Poems.

Horoscopes for Goblins: Poems, 2006-2009

(2010) Horoscopes for Goblins: 2006-2009 is Tim Gilmore’s followup poetry collection to Flights of Crows: 2002-2006. Gilmore writes in the lineage of Whitman, the Transcendentalists, and the Beats. This volume is quieter than its predecessor, more mature, calling for an understanding that the world may be hell, but the earth is always beautiful and contains the world.

Flights of Crows: Poems, 2002-2006

(2007) Tim Gilmore’s first book of poetry.

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