West (Riverside Avondale)

Aeolian Harp Street

Anna Fletcher’s Final Home

Annie Lytle Public School Number Four, Gilmore Street

Annie Lytle Public School Number Four, Gilmore Street Addendum: “Tim Gilmore Is Still Here.”

Bell Bell

Big Flood on Little Fishweir Creek

Beerbower House

Blackburn House

Bold City Brewery and Intuition Ale Works

Chimney Swifts at Riverside Christian Church

Cool Moose, Park and King

CoRK Arts District: Crystal Floyd’s Cabinet of Curiosities

CoRK Arts District: Dolf James’s Studio

CoRK Arts District: Evervess Art Studio

CoRK Arts District: MetaCusp

CoRK Arts District: Olivier Flaire’s Studio

CoRK Arts District: Open Studios

Cumberland Campus, Florida Junior College / Kent Campus, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Edge City

End of the Streetcar Line, Patterns in the Brick Pavement, Aberdeen Street

Ernest Street to Willowbranch Park (Simultagnosia)

Fire Department Drill Tower

Fishweir Creek and Leah Mary Cox

Five Points Theatre / Riverside Theater (Sun-Ray Cinema)

Five Points: Fans & Stoves

Five Points: Peterson’s Five and Dime Building

Five Points: Post and Goodwin Streets

Five Points: Rain Dogs–Barstool for F. Kyle Marshall, aka DJ Chef Rocc

Frank G. Slaughter, Medical Thrillers, and the Cleary-Dickert House

Friday Musicale


Garden of Colors / Andy Ward King

Jacksonville Woman’s Club

JASMYN (Jacksonville Area Sexual Minority Youth Network) House

JaxbyJax Signs on Telephone Poles (An Homage to Paul Bremer and Dennis Steele)

Lancaster Terrace

Leon Cheek Castle

Martha Washington Hotel

Memorial Park Drum Circle

Memorial Park, Ouija Board

Native Park

Noli Novak’s Riverside Studio

Orange State Oil Company / European Street Café, Park and King

Park Lane Building

Park Street Coin Laundry

Park View Court, Herschel Street

Purple Petunia Filling Station and Antique Bottle Collection

Richmond Street to the River

Riverdale Inn / Brazile House, “Sugar Castle” / Kelly House

Riverside Avenue and Heather M. Peters

Riverside Park Camellia Garden

rXr at Willow Branch and College, Death of a Crustpunk

Spaz House

St. Johns Flower Market

St. Vincent’s Hospital

Trump Campaign Office

Trump Campaign Office, Update #1

Trump Campaign Office, Update #2

Trump Campaign Office, Update #3

Trump Campaign Office, Update #4: The End

Wayne Wood / Lucius Smith House

Wayne Wood’s Tipi

Wildling Arboretum

Willowbranch Park and Library and Gay Pride