New Story: Museum of Southern History

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If this “history” isn’t revisionist, it’s hard to imagine what is, and it’s full of a strange loser’s condescension: anyone who does not know these fictional facts is ignorant of history.

photo by Junah Hanuj

photo by Junah Hanuj

I let myself imagine a time when the South finally leaves the Confederacy behind and allows itself to surge free into a beautiful future.

New Story: The Harbor Point House

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The house was finished just in time for William John Campbell to be born inside on September 21, 1900. Alice Gibson was 86 years old when she died in the house on March 8, 2012.

Harbor Point_5

I hold a negative of the boathouse up to the light and a figure appears in the doorway.

New Story: Trump Office Closure, Inside Scoop

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According to Patsy Butts, who donated the Park Street storefront for the Trump campaign office, the caller from Trump Florida “berated” her, even threatened to have her thrown in jail or a psychiatric ward.

Trump Hitler

Butts is apparently so angry at the Trump Florida campaign that she’s been ranting to friends that she might not be able to vote for Trump after all.

New Story: Invisible Pirates Just off the Sandollar Restaurant and Marina

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Whether the Sandollar Restaurant and Marina was built in 1988 or 1954, both of which the restaurant gives as the year it opened, the invisible Somalian pirates who operate container barges just off shore still make Jacksonville writer Hurley Winkler smile.


New Story: Riverside’s Trump Office is Vanquished!

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The office lasted little more than half a year. It set up shop as a great big middle finger to Riverside Avondale. Then it disappeared as quietly and quickly as it came.

Time cover

Time Magazine cover, art by Edel Rodriguez


New Story: The clock the bus smashed

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The Seth Thomas Clock Company built 100 identical clocks for America’s streets. The Greenleaf and Crosby Clock is one of only 12 that remain.

Seth Thomas 5

A bus smashed it to the ground in 1974. A one-handed man rebuilt it. Three months after the Great Fire of 1901, this clock stood in the ashes.

New Story: Potter’s Field (Hillside Cemetery) and Howell’s Morning Glory Chapel

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The priests called the potter’s field Haceldama, or “field of blood.”


“There will be about 10 that no matter what we do we will not be able to identify them. One doesn’t have a head or legs, so even if we had a dental chart, what could we do?”


New Story: Carrie’s Room in the Ambassador Hotel

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There’s a room in the long-abandoned Ambassador Hotel downtown, the walls of which are covered with the 1997 autobiography of its last resident, Carrie White.


Carrie White writes about her children, about a wrongful death, and about searching for a job as an undocumented worker born in the United States.



New Story: White Harvest Farms

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WH 2

The history at White Harvest Farms, for a century or more known as Moncrief Springs, runs deeper than the incinerator ash excavated and removed to restore this land to that holiest use of the planet earth–community farming.

WH 8

Three New Stories: A Tipi, the Wayne Wood House, Seminole Hotel Heads

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1. Wayne Wood’s Tipi

Riverside Avondale contains more than 25 historically significant architectural styles, and that includes a tipi.


2. The Wayne Wood / Lucius Smith House

“People were born in this house and people died in this house,” Wayne says.

Strangely, no architect took credit for the building, so the enigma of its origins has haunted preservationists for decades.


3. The Seminole Hotel Heads

In 1974, Wayne Wood drove by in his Volkswagen bus and talked to the demolition crew. They let him haul away several heads for free.