New Story: Carrie’s Room in the Ambassador Hotel

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There’s a room in the long-abandoned Ambassador Hotel downtown, the walls of which are covered with the 1997 autobiography of its last resident, Carrie White.


Carrie White writes about her children, about a wrongful death, and about searching for a job as an undocumented worker born in the United States.



New Story: White Harvest Farms

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WH 2

The history at White Harvest Farms, for a century or more known as Moncrief Springs, runs deeper than the incinerator ash excavated and removed to restore this land to that holiest use of the planet earth–community farming.

WH 8

Three New Stories: A Tipi, the Wayne Wood House, Seminole Hotel Heads

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1. Wayne Wood’s Tipi

Riverside Avondale contains more than 25 historically significant architectural styles, and that includes a tipi.


2. The Wayne Wood / Lucius Smith House

“People were born in this house and people died in this house,” Wayne says.

Strangely, no architect took credit for the building, so the enigma of its origins has haunted preservationists for decades.


3. The Seminole Hotel Heads

In 1974, Wayne Wood drove by in his Volkswagen bus and talked to the demolition crew. They let him haul away several heads for free.


New Story: Greybeard’s Tavern

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Two murders. Cheap beers. Biker charities.

Greybeards 10

Suspicious deaths.


“She’d always take care of an injured animal.”

Two New Stories: Eco Relics and Honeymoon

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ER 26

Eco Relics is an architectural salvage wonderland housed in the 1927 Baker and Holmes Building. It’s the perfect shrine to the strange compost of history in the streets that surround it.

ER 37


New Story: Detroit in Jacksonville over the River

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The Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant reminds Nick Thompson of his native Detroit. It’s a city he’s been away from for more than half his life, but he’s kept in touch from afar.

Ford 1

So this is where Albert Kahn’s windows have gone.

Ford 15

New Story: Phil May Re Ron Chamblin

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Several stories above the Ortega River, Phil May recalls his book collection of 100,000 volumes.

Ron 1

He remembers when Ron Chamblin bought Cy Crawford’s bookshop, when Crawford Bookmine became Chamblin Bookmine.


Restructuring: Riverside Avondale Gets Its Own Section

As Jax Psycho Geo approaches 300 stories, its split into Center, North, South, East, and West is becoming cumbersome. As part of a necessary restructuring, certain districts will get their own major division tabs. The first of these is Riverside Avondale, the present 37 stories of which now migrate from West to their own tab. Please note this may affect older postings of stories. The stories are still available, but now under Riverside Avondale and no longer under West.

Cheek 3

New Story: Beer Hole & Horse-Legged Fish

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“We could think of no other name to match the majesty, quiet elegance, and feeling of utter peace. We called it the Beer Hole.”

BH 3

Ben brought the first girl he ever dated down here. He told her this place and this perspective weren’t half as pretty as she was.

creature black lagoon

“Thought what was accurate?” I ask.

“The violent kicking of a horse-legged fish.”

New Story: Native Park’s Ancient Origin

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Then maybe, after I’m dead, Jacksonville residents will whisper by the green

NP 9

beans in their grocery stores and say, “He wrote this city. I saw him once. He was dressed all green in leaves.”

green man

Dying’s for living and death’s nutritious.