Al-Hajj Feriz Delkic Masjid and Islamic Community of Bosniaks

Arbor Pointe Unit 07: Joeandy Road North

Arlington and Lillian Roads (Jaywalking without I.D.)

Arlington Heights Elementary School

Arlington: Carriage House, Apartment 40

Arlington: Eagle Film City

Arlington: Expressway Mall (Where Mary Ran Away)

Arlingwood Unit 10: Parker School Road

Atlantic Beach: Aquatic Gardens (The Flood & the Poet)

Atlantic Beach: Dunehouses and Pyramid

Atlantic Beach: Treehouse Over Spacecraft

Beach Octagon House and Sea Urchin Test

Beer Hole and Horse-Legged Fish

Clifton: Oak Lynde

Clifton: Strawberry Mills

Coquina Gates: 1, Wild Cherry

Coquina Gates: 2, Chinquapin

Coquina Gates: 3, Riots of the Fall and Nor’east

Coquina Gates: 4, Last Chance

Coquina Gates: 5, The Gates

Eagle Film City

Egrets Glade Unit 02: Tropic Egret Drive at Snowy Egret Drive

Empire Point: Marabanong

Empire Point: Perley Place

Floral Bluff

Fort Caroline: Grand Mount 8DU14

Fort Caroline: Spanish American War Battery

Fox Chase / Woodland Station

Hidden Hills County Club Estates: Shoal Creek Lane North

Humphreys Gold Mine Ghost Town

Jacksonville Beach: 13th Avenue South at South Ninth Street

Jacksonville Beach: American Legion Post 129

Jacksonville Beach: Bo’s Coral Reef

Jacksonville Beach: Einstein-a-Go-Go

Jacksonville Beach: Ginger’s Place

Jacksonville Beach: South Second Street, Apprehending and Seeing

Jacksonville Beach: South Second Street, Lonely Man

Jacksonville Beach: Tumulus in the Bean Field

Kernan Boulevard Magnolia / Anhedonia

Kernan Boulevard: “The District” (Privatized Dorms)

Keystone Bluff: Spite Fence, Wooden Bowling Alley, Octagon Room

Killarney Drive between Blarney Stone Court and Leprechaun Court, behind the Sign with the Shamrock that Welcomes You to Killarney Shores

Lake Lucina: Suicidal Clown House

Line between the Beach and the Ocean

Mayport Lifeguard Station, Hannah Park

Mayport Lighthouse

Mayport: Shrimp Boat through the Jetties

Mayport: Singleton’s Seafood Shrimp

Merrill Hills: Overstory in the Forested Seep, 25 Million Years

Neptune Beach: Lemon Street

Neptune Beach: Pete’s Bar

Oakhaven: Halliday Lane and Campbell Avenue Chiasmus (Morning Glories)

Oakhaven: Harbor Point House

Ponte Vedra Beach: Sawgrass Marriott

Ponte Vedra Beach: Tournament Players Championship, Post-Apocalyptic Parking Lot

Queen’s Harbor Yacht and Country Club: Admiral’s Bend Drive

Silversmith Creek: Swamp Rose

Spring Glen: Between Bartram Road and Little Pottsburg Creek (The Sublime)

UNF Drive

University of North Florida: Boathouse, Blueberry Trail, Library of Babel, and Her Whole Life in Front of Her

University of North Florida: Organic Garden

Willie Brown Trail, Shell Peninsula, Dredge Spoil Island


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