Acosta (St. Elmo “Chic”) House

Al-Hajj Feriz Delkic Masjid and Islamic Community of Bosniaks

Arbor Pointe Unit 07: Joeandy Road North

Arlington and Lillian Roads (Jaywalking without I.D.)

Arlington Federal Savings and Loan Temple to the Enigma

Arlington Heights Elementary School

Arlington: Carriage House, Apartment 40

Arlington: Eagle Film City

Arlington: Expressway Mall (Where Mary Ran Away)

Arlington: Three Oaks Plaza, FBI Headquarters, Offshore Power Systems

Arlingwood Unit 10: Parker School Road

Atlantic Beach: Aquatic Gardens (The Flood & the Poet)

Atlantic Beach: Christopher / Bull / Hionides House

Atlantic Beach: Dagley Junkyards

Atlantic Beach: Dunehouses and Pyramid

Atlantic Beach: Treehouse Over Spacecraft

Atlantic Beach: Voo-Swar Restaurant and Lounge

Beach and Peach Park / “Mud Hills”

Beach Boulevard and World Beach

Beach Octagon House and Sea Urchin Test

Beaufort Mermaid / Thomas Glover W.’s Fyshmalion’s Eliza

Beer Hole and Horse-Legged Fish

Butterfly House (by Robert Broward)

Caribbean Court: Remembering Chuck Flowers, the “Forgotten Roadie”

Chaseville “Colored Settlement” / Fort Caroline Club Estates

Clifton: Oak Lynde

Clifton: Strawberry Mills

Coquina Gates: 1, Wild Cherry

Coquina Gates: 2, Chinquapin

Coquina Gates: 3, Riots of the Fall and Nor’east

Coquina Gates: 4, Last Chance

Coquina Gates: 5, The Gates

Cosmo and Gullah Geechee Northeast Florida

Delius House at Jacksonville University, Part One: Grove Mythos

Delius House at Jacksonville University, Party Two: Festival of the Pantheistic Mystic

Doro Iconostasis

Egrets Glade Unit 02: Tropic Egret Drive at Snowy Egret Drive

Empire Point: Marabanong

Empire Point: Perley Place

Empire Point: Suddath / Van Valkenburgh House

Floral Bluff

Floral Bluff: Burdette / Clarke House

Flora Bluff Manor: Mrs. Martha’s Dildo Fence

Florida State College at Jacksonville, South Campus: Outdoor Ecological Laboratory

Fort Caroline: Craig Morris at Grand Mount 8DU14

Fort Caroline: Ribault Monument

Fort Caroline: Spanish American War Battery

Fox Chase / Woodland Station

Fulton (and Lone Star), Lost Arlington Communities


Gilmore: 1. Gilmore Cemetery, Train Station, and Railbed to Home

Gilmore: 2. Dead End at Grant Mound

Harbour Island / Rattlesnake Hill / Teri Youmans Grimm’s Florida

Hidden Hills County Club Estates: Shoal Creek Lane North

Hogan and the Preacher Poet Fisherwoman

Idlewild: Rain Cemetery, Witchistory

Jacksonville Beach: 13th Avenue South at South Ninth Street

Jacksonville Beach: American Legion Post 129

Jacksonville Beach: Beacon Motel Murder, Waterford Condominia

Jacksonville Beach: Bo’s Coral Reef

Jacksonville Beach: Casa Marina Hotel

Jacksonville Beach: Einstein-a-Go-Go

Jacksonville Beach: Ginger’s Place

Jacksonville Beach: J.C. Patrick’s Hard Ironic Fall

Jacksonville Beach: McCormick Apartments (and McCormick Family Mythos)

Jacksonville Beach: New Trinity, Killing the Devil, and the Murder of Vera Gould

Jacksonville Beach: South Second Street, Apprehending and Seeing

Jacksonville Beach: South Second Street, Lonely Man

Jacksonville Beach: Tumulus in the Bean Field

Jacksonville Interchange Spiral

Jacksonville University Apartment District: French Quarter Apartments / University Townhomes

Jacksonville University: Artis Gilmore and the March to the 1970 Championship

Jacksonville University: Book Burnings and the 1970 Riparian Scandal

Kernan Boulevard Magnolia / Anhedonia

Kernan Boulevard: “The District” (Privatized Dorms)

Keystone Bluff Oak

Keystone Bluff: Spite Fence, Wooden Bowling Alley, Octagon Room

Killarney Drive between Blarney Stone Court and Leprechaun Court, behind the Sign with the Shamrock that Welcomes You to Killarney Shores

Kona Skatepark

Lake Lucina: Suicidal Clown House

Line between the Beach and the Ocean

Lone Star (And Fulton), Lost Arlington Communities

Lone Star Stables

Manhattan Beach, Hanna Park and Joseph Finegan Elementary School

Mathews (John E.) Bridge

Mayport Lifeguard Station, Hanna Park

Mayport: Old St. Johns Lighthouse

Mayport: Shrimp Boat through the Jetties

Mayport: Singleton’s Seafood Shrimp

Merrill Hills: Overstory in the Forested Seep, 25 Million Years

Mr. Peanut and the Peanut Store

Nathan H. Wilson Center for the Arts, Florida State College at Jacksonville, South Campus; Sendoff to Ken McCulough

Neptune Beach: Lemon Street

Neptune Beach: Mysterious House

Neptune Beach: Pete’s Bar

Oakhaven: Halliday Lane and Campbell Avenue Chiasmus (Morning Glories)

Oakhaven: Harbor Point House

Oakhaven: Heston House

Oakhaven: Moyer House

Outlaw Motorcycle Club, Car Bomb, Southside Estates

Ponte Vedra Beach: Sawgrass Marriott

Ponte Vedra Beach: Tournament Players Championship, Post-Apocalyptic Parking Lot

Ponte Vedra Court (Onto the Ocean Course and Lagoon Course)

Possum Head Swamp

Queen’s Harbor Yacht and Country Club: Admiral’s Bend Drive

Regency Square Mall

Regency: Humphreys Gold Mine Ghost Town

Regency: Sludge on the Dunes in the Moonlight

Round Marsh (by the Willie Browne Trail)

Saint John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church

Silversmith Creek: Swamp Rose

Sin City Apartments (Fox Meadows / Rivermont / Golden Shores)

Sin City Elementary

Sin City Swan Song

Spring Glen: Between Bartram Road and Little Pottsburg Creek (The Sublime)

Storyland U.S.A.

Thunderbird Motor Hotel

Tree Hill: Farmhouse and Pyramid

UNF Drive

Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville (Bob Broward’s Favorite Design)

University of North Florida: Boathouse, Blueberry Trail, Library of Babel, and Her Whole Life in Front of Her

University of North Florida: Organic Garden

Willie Browne Trail, Shell Peninsula, Dredge Spoil Island

Willie Browne’s Cabin


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