Lackawanna: DJ’s Record Store

by Tim Gilmore, 6/18/2012

Piles and piles of old R&B vinyl records. “If ever you’re in my arms again, / This time I’ll love you much better.” For 37 years. Old yellow brick corner store, McDuff and Edison Avenues. Windows barred or boarded. Looks like it’s been shut down for 15 years, but it opens at 10 in the morning. Cold inside. Moldy. Most of the store’s blocked off. Aisles narrow. Down in the Anita Baker and the Lionel Richie and the Otis Redding, underneath and behind and on the other side of, this place must contain secrets. DJ’s is an archive in a cave in an old corner building. It’s also one of the last of the old record shops in the city.