Patriot Mania—the American Flag Aisle

by Tim Gilmore, 7/1/2012

(across Roosevelt Boulevard from Plantation Christian Academy and Naval Air Station)

Patriot Mania was located in a giant corrugated metal shed. It was called Patriot Mania. A place called Patriot Mania really was located across from a Christian school called Plantation. Patriot Mania sold assault rifles and ammunition and fireworks and “booty shorts” that said “Army Booty” and American flags and bumper stickers that featured crosshairs and said “This Is My Peace Symbol” and “We Kill for Peace.” Patriot Mania stood across the street from Plantation Christian Academy.

The owner of Patriot Mania, Lezlee Aultman, says, “We sell America to our citizens.”

When Patriot Mania caught fire in early December, 2010, almost the entire inventory was destroyed. But not everything.

Says Aultman, “Everything burned except our American flag aisle.”