by Tim Gilmore, 7/28/2012

Nothing sylvan about it. She was driving on Blanding Boulevard, on her way to Mass and an awards ceremony for her three children at Sacred Heart Catholic Church and School, when a bullet mis-angled from a bad drug deal on the 6000 block of Transylvania Avenue entered her skull above her left eye and she died.

Two decades previous, I’d hung out on Transylvania with a friend whose middle name was “Haze,” after the Jimi Hendrix song. He knew somebody who lived in an old wooden cottage down the street, so we paid a visit and let tabs of Lysergic acid diethylamide dissolve on our tongues. I spent hours staring into an aquarium in a front room behind the screened-in porch. The fish carved intricate tunnels through my ice cream, which filled their tank, which they believed was water. My friend kept saying he had a photographic memory.