Baldwin: Blackbottom

Battalion Airsoft Arena

Beaver Street Baptist Church / Jacksonville Baptist Temple / Cathedral of Faith (Woodstock Park)

Blanding Boulevard Baptist Church: The Resurrection

Branan Field Octagon and Oakleaf

Chair Tree and the Pretty Monster: Where It Is

Confederate Crossing: Grayson Court Diluted Fascism

Cosmic Church of Truth

Cracker Swamp and Whitehouse

Eco Relics (North Riverside or Mixon Town)

Far West Woods: Christmas Peanuts

Farris and Company Slaughterhouse

Fireside Place: Patch of Woods that No Longer Exists

Gravely Hill Plantation and Graveyard

Greybeard’s Tavern (Woodstock)

Hammond Boulevard Exit & the “Perfect Pedophile Paradise”

Highway 90 West: Old Spanish Trail Way Station

Honeymoon / Rural Home

Hope for Life Baptist Church

Island Bar

Jacksonville Heights: Connie Jean Mobile Home Park

Jug (Lynyrd Skynyrd “Cuttin’ the Rug”)

Kayaking the Ortega River through the Republic of East Florida toward Confederate Point

King’s Road and Timucuan Trail: Salvage Yard and Deer Head

Lackawanna Buddhist Bungalow

Lackawanna Elementary School

Lackawanna: DJ’s Record Store

Lackawanna: Trinity Baptist Church

Lake Shore: The Great Camphor on Sunderland Road

Lakeshore Gateway Arches and the Swastika

Marietta: Gray’s Grave

Marietta: The Devil in the Christian School

Marietta: Doublewide Trailer, Thomas Jefferson Elementary, National Hotline for the NAAWP

Mixon Studios

Murray Hill Heights: KKK Bombing Site: Donal Godfrey’s House

Murray Hill Heights: Summers’ Day (Terrianne Summers / Day Avenue)

Murray Hill Theater

Murray Hill: Dreamette / Creamette

Murray Hill: Edgewood Coin Shop

Murray Hill: The A Tavern

Museum of Southern History

Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Ghost Base

Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Ghost Signs and Poison

Normandy Village: Dogs with Guns

Oak Hill Unit 11

Ortega Baptist Church, Roosevelt Boulevard, Ortega: Two Signs

Ortega Yacht Club Condominiums (High above Chamblin Bookmine)

Patriot Mania: The American Flag Aisle

Playtime Drive-In Movie Theater and Christ Church Anglican

Roosevelt Mall, Roosevelt Boulevard 1

Roosevelt Mall, Roosevelt Boulevard 2

Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary / Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church (Grant Park)

Small House with the City Inside

Small Red Shack at the City Limit Sign, U.S. 301

Sprint Towing Storage Yard


Wesconnett: Dead End Transylvania

Westbrook Park

Westside Adolescence (Early 1990s)

Westside: Apartment Complex, 103rd Street

Westside: Drury Cat Farm

Westside: Proxima Road: Angel Dog & Soupbone Sky

Westside: Royal Court

Westside: Scuppernongs and Quonset Hut

Yukon: Ghost ZIP Code

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