Armstrong Farm (Eat Your Yard, Jax)

Baldwin: Blackbottom

Baldwin: Everybody’s Restaurant

Bass House, Bass’s Subdivision

Battalion Airsoft Arena

Beaver Street Baptist Church / Jacksonville Baptist Temple / Cathedral of Faith (Woodstock Park)

Blanding Boulevard Baptist Church: The Resurrection

Branan Field Octagon and Oakleaf

Chair Tree and the Pretty Monster: Where It Is

Chamblin Bookmine, Part One of Seven

Collins Road Christian Academy, at Collins Road Baptist Church

Confederate Crossing: Grayson Court Diluted Fascism

Cosmic Church of Truth

Cracker Swamp and Whitehouse

Eco Relics (North Riverside or Mixon Town)

Edward Waters College, 1: Elegies and Palimpsests

Edward Waters College, 2: Centennial Hall (and Salter)—Peering into the Vanished

Edward Waters College, 3: B.F. Lee Seminary Building and Milne Auditorium

Edward Waters College, 4: Three Alarm Coda

Far West Woods: Christmas Peanuts

Farris and Company Slaughterhouse

Fireside Place: Patch of Woods that No Longer Exists

Florida State College at Jacksonville / Florida Junior College, Cumberland Campus

Gravely Hill Plantation and Graveyard

Greybeard’s Tavern (Woodstock)

Hammond Boulevard Exit & the “Perfect Pedophile Paradise”

Hart Haven: Leprosy and Wild Bill

Highway 90 West: Old Spanish Trail Way Station

Honeymoon / Rural Home

Hope for Life Baptist Church

Island Bar

Jacksonville Heights: Connie Jean Mobile Home Park

Jacksonville Velodrome

Jefferson Davis Junior High / Middle School

Joseph and His Jesus Trees Outside the Dollar Tree

Jug (Lynyrd Skynyrd “Cuttin’ the Rug”)

Kayaking the Ortega River through the Republic of East Florida toward Confederate Point

King’s Road and Timucuan Trail: Salvage Yard and Deer Head

Lackawanna Buddhist Bungalow

Lackawanna Elementary School

Lackawanna: DJ’s Record Store

Lackawanna: Trinity Baptist Church

Lake Shore: The Great Camphor on Sunderland Road

Lakeshore Gateway Arches and the Swastika

Lord Ranch, Old Kings Road

Marietta: Gray’s Grave

Marietta: The Devil in the Christian School

Marietta: Doublewide Trailer, Thomas Jefferson Elementary, National Hotline for the NAAWP

Mixon Studios

Murray Hill Heights: KKK Bombing Site: Donal Godfrey’s House

Murray Hill Heights: Summers’ Day (Terrianne Summers / Day Avenue)

Murray Hill Theatre

Murray Hill: Community Loaves / Rosenberger House

Murray Hill: Dreamette / Creamette

Murray Hill: Edgewood Coin Shop

Murray Hill: The A Tavern

Museum of Southern History

My Father’s Grave

Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Ghost Base

Naval Air Station Cecil Field, Ghost Signs and Poison

Normandy Motel

Normandy Village: Dogs with Guns

Oak Hill Unit 11

Ortega Baptist Church, Roosevelt Boulevard, Ortega: Two Signs

Ortega Yacht Club Condominiums (High above Chamblin Bookmine)

Ottis Toole’s Mother’s House (Until He Burnt It Down)

Patrick Allen Herald’s Old Stomping Grounds

Patriot Mania: The American Flag Aisle

Paxon Lounge


Pickettville: Harrison Pickett House

Playtime Drive-In Movie Theater and Christ Church Anglican

Proxima Road: My Father is Gone

Roosevelt Mall, Roosevelt Boulevard 1

Roosevelt Mall, Roosevelt Boulevard 2

Sanctuary at Mt. Calvary / Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church (Grant Park)

Shep’s Discount and Salvage

Shep’s Discount and Salvage, Part Two: The Iron Lung

Small House with the City Inside

Small Red Shack at the City Limit Sign, U.S. 301

Sprint Towing Storage Yard

St. Gabriel Ethiopian Orthodox Church: Timkat, Epiphany


Webb Wesconnett Library

Wesconnett: Dead End Transylvania

Wesconnett: Pucketts and Gunnings

Wesconnett: Turknett / Parnell House

Westbrook Park

Westside Story: Adolescence (Early 1990s)

Westside Story: From Nathan Bedford Forrest High School to the End of the Road

Westside: Apartment Complex, 103rd Street

Westside: Drury Cat Farm

Westside: Proxima Road: Angel Dog & Soupbone Sky

Westside: Royal Court

Westside: Scuppernongs and Quonset Hut

Yukon: Ghost ZIP Code

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