Keystone Bluff: Spite Fence, Wooden Bowling Alley, Octagon Room

by Tim Gilmore, 7/28/2012

1890s, Charles Cummings builds a wooden bowling alley right at the property line with the Armstrongs. He doesn’t like the Armstongs. He builds the bowling alley at the property line to make sure the Armstrongs can hear the striking of the pins and the drunken card games late into the night. Then Cummings builds a spite fence high enough and long enough to block the Armstrongs’ view of the St. Johns River. The long and narrow wooden bowling alley ends in an octagonal room, with a tall and pointed octagonal roof, something like a witch’s hat. In the 1950s, the bowling alley becomes a “Children’s Home,” and the witch’s-hat room becomes the chapel.