Deerwood Country Club Brothel, Fungeon for Prostassage

by Tim Gilmore, 2/3/2023

Nothing redeems this story. No qualities or characteristics make it timeless. It’s a farce, not a tragedy, tragically farcical.

Still do these sad pages in the story of this city occur. Even if Deerwood Country Club developed in privileged rebuke of the city, the first gated community in Florida and, in the late 1960s when its golf course hosted the Greater Jacksonville Open, the “most exclusive” neighborhood on Jacksonville’s Southside. Excludes, it does, until the strangest deeds gravitate to that exclusion.

In the crowns of palms and magnolias back behind the coded gates, the fogs of dirty doings, the rumors of men in rubber pig masks, the brightly lit sad stories of men who pay to be humiliated amidst walls that glow clean white even at night hang and cling like Deerwood’s children hear pollution does back there in the city.

Anna Domino, Florida dominatrix, calls the four-bedroom / three-bathroom house at 8150 Hunters Grove Road the “Fungeon,” fun dungeon. Claims to have invented prostassage. She and the prostitutes she employs she calls the Prostate Queens.

Domino, or Madame D., places the Fungeon’s studio in the dining room with whole walls of glass facing directly onto the golf course, tells her social media followers, June 2020, “This is our new studio to share with the world! We’re putting live-feeds in the house for you to be here too! Come be a part!”

“Did you know,” Madame D. posts online, “that PROSTATE CANCER is the 2nd leading KILLER for men in the United States? Did you ever wonder why?

“First let me tell you what is happening to your PROSTATE. The prostate gland capable of producing an ORGASM […] When that gland orgasms, or spasms what its really doing is FLUSHING all this POISONOUS fluid out of it that has stored up in its lower chambers because its just been sitting INACTIVE. This fluid then collects your PCBs, carcinogens and toxic things and then goes ACEDIC. This is where a great deal of the Prostate Cancer, Erectile Dysfuntion, BPH and more is coming from. YOUR PIPES ARE RUSTY!”

Oh how bright burns the white of the concrete and tile, the bright white frame of the so blue swimming pool! Bright white burns the white of that bright table and its chairs against the walls of windows over the swimming pool and the golf course lake! Oh bright burn the white bedrooms whose walls of glass shine their strange sad masochisms out on the green!

Anna Domino, 50 years old, charged with running an adult business without a license, soliciting for prostitution and running a brothel, license for Fungeon LLC filed in August 2020 out of Wyoming, her record includes arrests in Tennessee, Georgia and throughout Florida for drug possession, assault, theft and domestic battery.

A “supermodern” house and “great neighborhood,” the neighbor says. “Lot of renovations. It overlooks a lake and a golf course in the back. This is a very great neighborhood. A lot of great families. There’s a school next door.” It costs $22,460 to send a sixth grader to Jacksonville Country Day School here.

Built in 1970, the 3,768-square-foot house sells for a pittance in 2017, a mere $575,000. You can buy a condo back in the benighted city (or a home elsewhere in Deerwood Country Club) for four times that. Madame D. pays $4,000 a month for rent and for exclusivity.

“BIG PHARMA,” says Madame D., “is of course hiding and lying about the information they provide to you about your prostate. Why? Because your prostate is Big Pharmas CASH COW and you are the cattle. MOO.”

And out there beyond the lakes and the sand traps, beyond the gopher tortoise burrows and swamps exhaling methane and hydrogen sulfide, beyond the fundraisers for politicians banning Berenstain Bears books in Duval County public schools, beyond the mourning doves mourning dovishly for eons, men reply to Madame D. publicly:

“Ever come up to Philly?” and “😍 my kind of body (& Smile)!”

And oh this terrible self-mocking story, impossible but inhabitant, momentary perceptions these ugliest moments even, these most crude moments, they break my heart, make me wonder what’s so broken in a human being than can’t be broken in a flower or a tree!

“I promise you gentlemen, God gave you another alternative to the Pill farm and surgeries and its called the NATURAL PROSTATE MASSAGE. In other parts of the world men go for this massage like they go for lunch. I have perfected a method of spasming this gland I call the PROSTASSAGE. Text for the MOST Love ❤️ Madame D.”