Trump Campaign Office Update #3

by Tim Gilmore, 3/22/2016

A taco and a trash can were hurled by unknown antagonists against the Riverside Donald Trump Campaign headquarters, last drunken Saturday night, “all in an effort to hurt Trump’s campaign,” according to the brilliant local TV news analysis of News4Jax.


taco cam, numero uno, courtesy

News4Jax published multiple blurry photos of a taco lying sadly on the ground in front of the Trump Campaign Office doors. Perhaps a Mexican terrorist hurled the taco over the thousand-mile wall Trump claims he’ll forced Mexico to build along the U.S. border.

taco 2

taco cam, numero dos, courtesy

A trashcan at least shattered a window.

News4Jax reporter Nicole Snyder and associate producer Carianne Luter reported that the taco and trashcan were hurled, “all in an effort to hurt Trump’s campaign, like hundreds of demonstrators across the country have attempted to do.”

News4Jax “news analyst” Jennifer Carroll said, “It’s unfortunate that people are stooping to low levels and the civility in campaigning is almost out the window just because of an all-out assault to stop Donald Trump.”

taco 3


News4Jax’s reportage may represent the first time in history that trash cans and tacos have been labeled “campaigning.”

Civility is “almost out the window”?

As though Trump hasn’t said, “You know, it doesn’t really matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” As though he hasn’t said that in “the old days,” his supporters would’ve sent protestors “carried out on stretchers,” and that “part of the problem” is “that nobody wants to hurt each other anymore.” As though Trump hasn’t threatened riots in Cleveland at the Republican National Convention.

As though Jennifer Carroll weren’t the former lieutenant governor of Florida who resigned in shame in 2013 after a criminal investigation into Allied Veterans of the World, a quasi-gambling operation that solicited and bilked military veterans, which Carroll’s public relations firm represented.

I still ache from the semi-literate commencement address Carroll gave for Florida State College at Jacksonville’s ousted corrupt president Steve Wallace in 2012, in which she began several sentences, “As you’re texting down the highway of life.”

What, when no standards remain, when a U.S. presidential candidate quotes Mussolini and refuses to disavow the Ku Klux Klan, is anyone supposed to teach his children?

At least Jennifer Carroll disavows violence and cheers free speech, unlike her candidate, Donald Trump.

“We don’t have to get violent, we don’t have to be destructive, and we don’t have to interrupt people from their free speech,” she said.

taco 4


So hold back your tacos, Riverside, and swarm the Trump office with non-violent free speech.