Avenues Mall (Unidentified Flying Objects, Reportedly Seen Heading Downtown)

by Tim Gilmore, 6/25/2012

At 9:30 one night in the summer of 2006, Jason left class at the former shopping mall now Deerwood Campus of the local community college. As he drove down Southside Boulevard past Borders Books and Music and Office Max, he noticed a group of red, white and blue lights in the sky. He says there were two clusters “about 600 feet in the sky.” He’s quite specific about his measurements. As he drove, he watched the lights hover, but heard no helicopters or aircraft noise.

Two light-clusters were spaced 150 feet apart and hovered in place for one minute before heading toward downtown. A third body of lights traveling in perfect synchronization soon followed, also heading toward downtown.

Jason drove into a parking lot at the Avenues Mall, needing confirmation from another person. He drove up to a girl walking to her car and told her to look up at the sky just as more light-clusters moved overhead. A mall security car drove up and a security guard said the lights were some sort of secret military technology.

Jason doesn’t think the guard knew what he was talking about. He also didn’t think military planes could hover stationary 600 feet over Southside Boulevard.

He says, “All I know is that I was totally baffled by what I’d seen, and it was enough to freak me out and the girl that was in the parking lot at the Avenues.”

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