All Over Town

874.3 Square Mile Tent

Architectural Milk Houses

Cavafy’s City

Charles Dickens for Mayor

Confederate Flag Burnings (and the Rebellions of my Youth)

Dillon, Somewhere


Free Bird & Midnight Rider & Confederate Flags & Mosh Pits

Georgia Savory and Air Potato, Cheryl after John Muir

Ginsberg Somewhere in Some Slum

J.B. Stoner and the KKK

Jax Klux Klan Politix


Ku Klux Klan in Jacksonville

Linemen After the Hurricane

Lovett’s Grocery / Winn-Lovett’s / Winn-Dixie & my Grandfather

Military Jacksonville in 800 Words

Murder in Jacksonville

National Association for the Advancement of White People, Jacksonville

Poor Penny Carson and Sweet Pea Johnson

Presidential Election, 1920 & Presidential Election, 2020 (Have Courage.)

Republican National Convention in Jacksonville

Richard McMahan’s Mini-Museum and Big-House

St. Johns River Monster

Seminole Hotel Heads

Skulls in the Woods

Summer 2020: Protests, Pandemics, Politics

Summer 2020 (Protests, Pandemics, Politics) : Confessions, Consciousness, Change

Trailer Parks


What Ever Happened to Beverly June? Part 2

What Ever Happened to Beverly June? Part 3: Emmett Spencer and Mary Catherine Hampton

What Ever Happened to Beverly June? Part 4: The Un-End