Alley Between Bay Street and Forsyth (Between Nick Dunkenstein and the Newnan Street Sphinx)

Ambassador Hotel

Ambassador Hotel: Carrie’s Room

Andrew Jackson Statue, Downtown

Archive Room, North Hogan Street

Berkman II: 23-Story Haunted House, East Bay Street

Berney’s Restaurant, North Laura Street

Brooklyn: Avon Apartments / Sam’s Grocery

Brooklyn: Avon Apartments / Sam’s Grocery (After the Fire)

Brooklyn: Brooklyn Riverside Condos and Les Paul Garner’s House

Brooklyn: Buffalo Soldier’s House

Brooklyn: Chamblin Bookmine, Part 4

Brooklyn: Chamblin Bookmine, Part 5

Brooklyn: Fat Round’s Place

Brooklyn: Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (for Thou Art with Me)

Brooklyn: Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (The Newman Years)

Brooklyn: Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Spruce and Dora Streets

Brooklyn: Reggie Bridges’s House / WATG Radio / Unofficial Brooklyn Museum

Burro Bar and London Bridge, North Ocean Street

Cathedral District: Elena Flats

Cathedral District: The Bodies in Billy Goat Hill

Chamblin’s Uptown

Chamblin’s Uptown: Gus and Company Building

Chamblin’s Uptown: Steel Vault Biography Room

Church of the Immaculate Conception (Oh Sister Mary Ann!)

De Real Ting, Furchgott’s, Post Office Tower, West Adams Street

Duval County Courthouse KKK Standoff

Duval High School, Ocean Street

Embers Restaurant, Universal Marion Building, JEA Tower

Fairfield: Debre Berhan Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church / Fairfield Methodist Church

Fairfield: Ford Motor Company Assembly Plant

Fairfield: Mount Olive A.M.E. Church

Fairfield: Roseland House

First Baptist Church Lighthouse Replica

Florida Theatre, Forsyth Street

Football Stadium, Eastside, Downtown

Fuller Warren Toll Bridge (Dead Woman in the Back Seat)

Hansontown / Downtown Campus, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Hart Tomb Tower

Haydon Burns Library, North Ocean Street

Heart of Jacksonville Hotel: Downtown and Springfield

Hemming Park: Race and Brutality in the Genius Loci

Hemming Plaza: Exact Center Point

Hemming Plaza: MOCA Jacksonville and City Hall and Clay Yarborough

Hogan’s Creek and the Emerald Necklace

Hogans House (the First House), then the Duval House

Jacobs Jewelers / Greenleaf and Crosby Clock

Klutho’s Head and the Prairie Style Tree-of-Life

LaRose’s: West Monroe Street

LaVilla: Blind Blake Walking, West Ashley Street

LaVilla: Clara White Mission (The Moral and Ethical Heart of Jacksonville)

LaVilla: Eartha White’s Bedroom, Clara White Mission

LaVilla: Hillman-Pratt & Walton (The Oldest Funeral Home in Florida)

LaVilla: Pedro and Padrica Mendez House

LaVilla: Richmond Hotel

LaVilla: The Court and the House of Spanish Marie

LaVilla: Whetstonian

LaVilla: Whetstonian’s Last Days? / The Mural of Walter Whetstone’s Life

Mayflower Hotel, Parking Lot, Green Panels, Julia Street

McCoy’s Creek: The Old Man

Old City Cemetery: Mother Kofi’s Mausoleum

Old St. Luke’s Hospital / Historical Archives

Palms Hotel and Rooming House

Phoenix / East Jacksonville: School Number 8

Prudential Plaza One

Roosevelt Hotel, The Carling, West Adams Street

Seminole Club and Sweet Pete’s All-Natural Confectionary

Southbank: Friendship Fountain

Southbank: Jessie Ball DuPont Park & Treaty Oak

Southbank: Riverplace Tower

Southbank: The Fire inside the Treaty Oak

Tallest Building in the City, Every 145 Years, North Laura Street

Talleyrand Wastes (Walt Walks, Performing Depth Soundings)

Union Terminal Company Warehouse, East Union Street

Wacca Pilatka and Ossachite (Imaginary Indian Metropolis)

Waters beneath the Merrick House, Downtown

Whipping Post, Downtown

Worman’s Bakery and Deli, Downtown

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