Old Jax Police Substation and David Ponsler’s Metalworks

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Blacksmith and sculptor David Ponsler lives and works in the only historic police substation remaining in Jacksonville. From the building’s police years come stories of counterfeiters and drunks and a fatal interrogation. Now, David liquefies steel here and makes art in fire.

One response to “Old Jax Police Substation and David Ponsler’s Metalworks

  1. Hi Tim,

    My friend David Ponsler sent me a link to your story about him.

    Ponsler Metal Design / Original Police Substation
    by Tim Gilmore, 7/21/2023

    It is an interesting perspective that I would like to share with our readers in the Anvil’s Ring.

    We are a non profit 501c3 organization with a bunch of blacksmiths members.

    I will need the photos at original high resolution and our standard “permission to use” that I will provide.

    We can offer you a “by line”and photo credit and three copies of the magazine as consideration.

    I have ten days left in this cycle so please respond ASAP.

    Let me know if this works for you.

    Mark Kochan, Editor

    Anvil’s Ring Magazine

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