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How Camp Mooney Became Camp Captain Mooney Cemetery

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When the four girls drowned, 4,000 mourners attended their funeral here. The lost graveyard lies hemmed in by transmission shops and air conditioning businesses. The story that says it began as a battleground is a lie. Depressions in the earth mark otherwise unmarked graves.


Willie Browne on the Lost Communities of Fulton and Lone Star

January 1967, Old Willie Browne, who will soon donate his hundreds of acres of forest and bluff to conservation, discusses lost communities with Father Frank Dearing. You’ll find the two stories below:

1) Here’s the lost town of Fulton, Willie’s friend Captain Hole, stories of moonshiners and buried treasure, the digging up of Fulton Cemetery.

2) And here’s the lost black community of Lone Star, one of many in the Arlington area. Here, at least the cemetery remains. Its oldest occupant was born before Jacksonville.